By Biological - 11/02/2010 12:22 - United States

Today, I found out that I was not adopted and in fact my parents are my biological parents. How did I find out? Over dinner. How long have I been believing I was adopted? 22 years. Why did I start believing I was adopted? My siblings thought it would be a funny joke. My mom played along. FML
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parenting fail

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that's terrible I really sorry that a parent would do something like that to a child


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hahahaha awesome

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FYL for your family being a load of douchebags.

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How is that funny?! I mean they thought they were adopted! I would feel so sad if I knew that! If I ever made them mad, I would feel like they adoptede just to cause problems! That is terrible! I hope they appologized!

yeah and im sure ur aunt and uncle cousins granparents all played along aswell

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Wowww that's f***ed up. Just keep pretending they aren't your family.

wow ur parents are assholes

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some adopted kids commit suicide. I bet if OP did that those asshats wouldn't be laughing anymore

I have a bridge to sell you

I'm heartless and this made me laugh FYL

:( oh im sorry OP. FYL deff, you should kick their asses in the face. c(;

#125, how is that awesome? Imbecile.

....some non adopted kids also commit suicide.

parenting fail

WTF? That's just disgusting "/ FYL.

Your mum is epic for playing along with it

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I'm adopted! and honestly I'm glad I am because it showed me that adoptive parents are crazy!! and it really shouldn't be an FML only because at lease u know ur real parents even though it took u a while to realize that they were. I have no clue I was given up as a baby along with my twin brother and luckily we were adopted together! I have gone thru 9 foster families... so be blessed

it's better then parents telling u they found u in the garbage and felt sorry for u trust me ..

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that's terrible I really sorry that a parent would do something like that to a child

OW. That sucks majorly.

Rofl... idk why but this made me lol!

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My mom did this to me once. I was like 10 so I started crying. Not really an FML though.

Me too! That is hilarious! I can see how it happened because kids are impressionable and your mom probably played along when you first asked then forgot all about it. Wrong of them to suggest you call around to the agencies and join the search boards. Downright cruel of them to tell you your biological mom sold you to them for crack.

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Well OP is 22... He needs to man-up.

Ajjas ur a dick

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Troll fail :D

Ajjaso ftw!

Ajjas, he's older than 22. If he's been believing this for 22 years, he's 26 at the youngest. Man up, indeed.

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#50 :) #55 Good point. I understand if he's angry though, I would be furious.

Yeah but it's nothing to cry about over the Internet :'(

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Who says OP is crying? Not everything on FML is about terrible, devestating occurances. It's about inconveniences in your life. 22 years is an awful long time to play a prank.

ajjos ur amazing, but don't u think that ur on this a little to much? just sayin :) I still <3 u!!!

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When I was little, my Dad would continuously tell me growing up that he would sell me to the goat farmer at the Pittsburgh Paints store. for no reason at all. They didn't have enough spare bedrooms in the house for me, so I could just sleep in a doghouse with their pet billygoat. I cried in fear of abandonment everytime we took a drive into the neighboring city.

Please use actual words. This isn't MySpace.

Who knows, it may be a double-bluff.

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There are too many questions in your FML.

hahahaha, Your siblings are GENIUSES!