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Yep. Exactly. Because that's what OP cares about. The gift. (Not the fact that no one in his/her family bothered to remember the day he/she was born)


When I read the part where OP said I don't really need it, the first thought I had in mind was OP doesn't have a car! Happy birthday OP, well you know how smart phone chargers are easily damaged, maybe he thought his last year's present was damaged already and you need a new one! Just saying :)

You know what forget everyone else. Go out and do it big for your birthday if you have the money, take like 1 or 2 good friends and have fun!


#11 I'm guessing that OP'S friend's aren't as good as he/she thought they would because if they were then they would of remembered OP'S birthday OP said Only his/her dad remembered.

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