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I just got over 4 weeks of bronchitis, myself. The first day I started feeling a bit better, I dislocated a rib. 6-8 week recovery. This isn't the first time something like this has happened.

No caroling. Win!


Hey, I've been in the hospital for the past 2 months and it's not that bad! Don't let a sickness stop you from having fun OP, I haven't let it stop me. I hope you get better though

wow, i'm sorry to hear that you have been in the hospital. I'm glad you are making the best of it. I really hope you feel better soon, hopefully out before Christmas.

No caroling. Win!

Look on the bright side.. At least you don't have to go to work or make excuse for missing.

Don't worry OP, it could be worse; I once vomited onto the presents when I was younger.

mermaidkeels 26

All I can think about is the delicious food you won't be able to enjoy this holiday season.

A little whiskey down the hatch should help, & hopefully you recover before your return to work OP.

Tonsillitis usually clears up within a few days. Gargle with salt water and dont eat anything the is dry and crunchy. I used to get it a lot, and it does indeed suck.

It's in 4 days actually

I feel for you. tomorrow I will be in a similar boat, as I get my wisdom teeth taken out. merry Christmas for us indeed.

this is the second time in 2 months i've had strepthroat, and i don't get a Christmas break, in fact they took 1 of my weekend days away because we are closed on Christmas day. chin up OP could always be worse