By Jeepers - 29/06/2009 14:30 - United Kingdom

Today, after playing in an online casino, I won £200. Being pretty tight for cash at the moment I was pretty excited. I then tried to withdraw it to be told that I can't have a penny of it because I didn't register my card details first. FML
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Maybe you're tight on cash because you're gambling it away?

MeganH0LLYW00D 0

Dumbass! You deserve it.


That was stupid of you

ejvlols 0

i know eh, like playing in an online casino when you're tight for cash is a good idea.

If you're about to insult the author of this post for being dumb. Check #55, he explained himself and I think it makes fine sense. ;)

this guy is trying to make everyone read his own comment way down

jasonsaied 1

no he's not douchebag. that comment was posted by the OP

Maybe you're tight on cash because you're gambling it away?

ohh that sucks

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Dumbass! You deserve it.

This is kinda in the middle for me...I can't tell if I should vote YDI or YLIF for this one.

So, You Life It Fuck

Online Bingo = people who have no jobs and have nothing to do once Jeremy Kyle has finished and before Loose Women starts. (only brits will understand this one) Get off your arse and get a job! YDI

LOL!!! I love good ol' Jezza Kyle! But I agree, if you're gonna waste your time with this kind of thing at least go to a centre so you can mix with other people who have nothing better to do.

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Who the F said it was bingo? Stupid ass.

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he was making a joke retard

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Why the hell were you gambling when you don't have any extra money? Idiot

This is incredibly stupid. You thought that you were gambling with REAL money and not virtual money, without providing your card information first? What website would be stupid enough to work that way? Think about it... if you lose a lot of money they have no info about you to make you pay. Then you can just keep trying until you get lucky. Did you seriously think they were just going to give you money? The world doesn't work like that. YDIx1,000,000,000

i totally agree with you! surely you could only win real money on these sites if you were gambling real money in the first place, and without registering any card details you wouldn't be gambling your own money. i doubt there is a gambling site where you would be able to win real cash and yet wouldn't run the risk of losing any (and if there was one, it wouldn't exactly be gambling, would it?)

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Did you win that money being on credit the whole time?