By Anonymous - 29/06/2009 19:52 - United States

Today, my parents booked my 18th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's. FML
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Not gonna lie that actually sounds like it would be pretty fun.



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just get drunk before you go and trust me that place will be a blast, especially any ball pit or skee ball thing (i dunno how to spell it)

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#1 How does that suck? It would be effin awesome! xD Plus, you have an advantage! You are taller and stronger then the little kids, so you can steal their tokens and use them to get like...a million tickets! xD [I am very hyper...xD] OP: I hope you have fun!! Happy Birthday. Make the best out of this!

lol plz tell me you arent going to show up... at all

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that doesnt suck at all. i'd love a party there. but my parents would never even book one for me there cause im 16. but if they did ;]] it'd be a good time.

Seriously, that place is amazing, I look forward to frequenting that place whenever I might have a child friend celebrating a single digit birthday. At 21, the smell of feet and the angelic music of sweet children begging for tokens calls to me every night.

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"the smell of feet and the angelic music of sweet children begging for tokens calls to me every night." someone needs to call the police on this pedophile.

lmao, yeah, it's not okay to be an adult and enjoy hanging out at Chuck E Cheese. PEDOPHILE. was a ******* joke, there is a 3 year age difference between me and the OP. when did it become a crime to be a so called "adult" that likes chuck e cheese. I dont like the smell of sweaty sock feet and children crying stresses me out. Im a 21 year old girl and I made a joke. get a life and learn to not take everything so literally. In which case, if you were being ironic about the pedophile thing....good one....

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Sucks? That would be frickin' awesome!

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My one friend smoked a bunch of pot and went to Chuck E Cheese's with his girlfriend for his 18th, he said it was the greatest thing ever. So as long as one of your good friends shows up and you're both messed up it'll be amazing.

There's nothing wrong with this! I celebrated my 18th at a Chuck E Cheez. It was so much fun! And there's no shame in being immature there!

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maybe it would be fun if you have down syndrome

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I feel ya. On my 18th my mom threw me a surprise party at Boston Pizza which consisted of my closest friends from kindergarten (none of the people I currently hung out with) and every single present from my parents (my mom) was Sponge Bob paraphernalia...the highlight was the Sponge Bob toddler cup and sectional plate she bought me. Umm...thanks Mom? I brightened my mood by deciding to use it as a shooter later

I would have my party there! but I am turning 13...sooo...lolz

um.....are you a pedo cuz if u are I need to know where u live

My best friend had her 15th there. It was really fun :)

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To me, it sounds like they're probably planning you a surprise party....which won't be at Chuck E. Cheese.

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Where a kid can be a kid! Ohhhhh yeah your turning 18 that blows

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Ouch..That really sucks =// but ha,people I know who are 15 wanna go there so ehh..

Me and my friends wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese for our senior prom, but they wouldn't let us in because nobody in our party was under 12.

wtf when i tried going with some friends they wouldnt let us in because we didn't have an adult with us

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My friend had her 17th there. It was so much fun! The only problem was that I drove there and once I was inside I tried to go out to my car to get something but they wouldn't let me out without an adult since i was under 18. It was kinda dumb.

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Chuck E Cheese is such a crappy place. There are so many better kiddie places, ugh.

that doesn't suck!!!! chuck-E-cheese is awaome! :D smd.>_>

66: Wow, they didn't allow you to go to your car, even though you are clearly old enough to drive said car, and are just a year shy of 18?

People have 18th birthday parties. Get over it and stop being bitter.

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#4 theres nothing wrong with bday parties. No matter what age you are you can still have them. Who said birthday parties had an age limit?