By Wellfu - 02/04/2015 14:48 - Europe

Today, I was let go from my internship for "not putting in enough effort". I was working 50 hours a week for almost zero pay. FML
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Hunthas 17

With that dedication they will be working for you someday! Hope you at least got some experience out of it!


Hunthas 17

With that dedication they will be working for you someday! Hope you at least got some experience out of it!

The boss was probably hoping for an intern like in all his pornos.

It is not always just the number of hours you put in. Maybe OP was just not deemed fit for the business.

incoherentrmblr 21

If this is for college credit, I hope you still received credit...

pinkgreenyellow 13

just be glad you're out of there. you deserve better OP

Keep up the hard work anyways(: it'll pay off in the end, probably with a better company.

Sounds like you'll be better off anyways. Good luck OP!

If you really didn't put in enough effort, the blame is on you. I've had this happen to me too, also for the same reason. I learned from it. You should too.

Obviously OP did put in enough effort by the amount they said they worked...

Pretty sure 50 hours per week is plenty of effort.

#10 Im sure OP was working hard, but hours do not translate to effort. Plus OP probably isnt the only intern working there.

At the same time, does someone who doesn't work hard/doesn't put in effort show up 50 hours a week? Id think that someone who's there for so long would be dedicating their time to working hard to get the job..

#14 Of course. Everybody and their dog would do the same, which is why its not surpising they may have had someone working just a little harder than OP.

Marcella1016 31

All these downvotes on people making a valid point. Just because you put in the time, doesn't mean you put in the effort. OP may have tried, but their supervisor may not have been satisfied with their job performance. I have a friend who has complained about her bosses being out to get her "no matter how hard she worked" at literally every job she had. Eventually I realized part of it must've been something with her - and I was right. Eventually we ended up working together, and I found she would complete assignments very quickly, but they often had numerous errors in them. So technically she worked "hard" but the work was sloppy. The two aren't mutually exclusive. Anyway, sorry you got fired, OP. I'd just try to take it as a learning experience, reflect on whether there were any things you could've done better, and take the lesson to your next job.

I don't even do 50 hours a week of things I *like* to do.

Also, if you complained about it the whole time, or acted like you were too good to be doing whar you were supposed to I'm sorry but you deserve it. otherwise fyl.

Jeez thats enough hours for a full time job, must be some rough competition for internship there.

It's possible they wanted to let you go and were looking for any excuse to do it. They don't deserve your work ethic if that's the case.. Soon you'll find yourself a real job where you'll get paid and rewarded for your hard work.

Ya, this just sounds like another FML where the employers were looking for an excuse to get rid of you and just made up a reason. I don't get why people sometimes don't tell you the real reason they're firing your or letting you go. You think it would make more sense to give them the real reason so they know what they did wrong and can fix it for next time.

Except if they're just looking for any excuse, that means they don't have a real reason. And you need just cause to fire someone, so then they have to come up with an excuse that sounds valid. If they told the truth ("We just don't want you here. Sorry") then they could get in big trouble.

Damn that's harsh, OP! Hopefully the experience you've gained there will help when it comes to getting another internship or a hired on position.