By LH0026 - 06/08/2011 09:28 - United States

Today, I learned from the noise outside my window that construction workers start their days at 5 AM. FML
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AgentSmith79 9

Stand by your window topless and eat a banana. They will stop what they're doing.

pretty sure it's illegal to start that early


pretty sure it's illegal to start that early

AgentSmith79 9

No it's not.

NastyNinja31 0

Make them some tacos and they will start later if u ask

In some cities it is illegal, in some it isn't

kelsey_katie 17

I'm pretty sure that was scarcasm.

in most cities, there's a legal time to start construction, and I doubt it'd be 5am. however, op might be underexaggerating.

rldostie 19

It is illegal in most places (in the US) to start at 5am. The earliest I've ever heard that was legal was 6am, and in most places it's 7am.

in los angeles its 8 am n must stop at 8pm

how would you feel as a construction worker given a STRICT time to finish a job, and the nrighbors are bitching at you.

if you have permits you can work 24/7. believe me I've tried to fight them. my current construction workers start before 4am. I'm pissed.

robnunzi12 2

7 AM in MA def illegal before that

dyble95 0

42- Just take some ear plugs and some blow horns (those things that make defining noses) Aim it at them when you are just off the property line and blow away. When they ask you to stop just say "Nope I have a permit and I'm an unconsiderate ass". Then when some one calls the cops for a noise disturbance. Run like hell. ;)

48- They are doing their jobs, not being asses.

dyble95 0

Well then go over to there managers office and do that :p. I was just joking anyways. I don't seriously think you should do that. :/

You all must be dumb if they're paving a road they do it either very early or through the night so they don't delay traffic any more then they have to they pave highways and busy roads at night and early in the morning plus you can also get a permit to do work early.

Also you may work bankers hours but the rest of the world doesn't

dyble95 0

Bankers hours?

dyble95 0

60 dumb is when you can't figure out something obvious out and so forth. Not a lack of knowledge.

Bankers hours = 10-5

Also construction can start at anytime and who cares when you should be getting up at 6 anyhow if you have a job which I don't suspect you do since most people on this site are preteens.

60- They pave roads mainly during the summer, and they work close to dark because temperature has to be in a correct range, and also blacktops soak up heat.

lulututu 4

Stop whining. They were doing construction right next to my house at 3 am. It really did not bother my sleeping at all. And last time I checked dumb meant you can't speak.

It should be illegal for retarded rednecks to start mowing the lawn and screaming at 5:00 too, but you cant have everything.

Who the hell calls them construction workers? What happened to an old fashioned builder?

Hell I've cut down trees at 5 in the morning it doesn't bother many people

I dont think you used it right.

70- not everyone has a day job. Some of us work shift work smart guy

It's people like 48 that make us construction workers lives hell, and don't think shit like that hasn't happened before. We're just doing our job, not like we love getting up at 5-7 to work/stage equipment anymore than you do lol. Also roads aren't always paved during summer, just most nights through winter get too cold to lay asphalt base or topping.

It's also 7am in NYC. You get a big fine if you start earlier.

Construction workers do start pretty early. That early? I dunno, but def pretty early


I think we had already established that

Suck it up, at least your not them, they have to be up earlier to start at 5

LLLP I was suggesting that maybe they hadn't started that early and it was an exaggeration on op's part. I've never heard of a construction crew starting work THAT early. And I've worked my share of construction.

And you, beaner, Are you telling me to suck it up? Cause I think maybe your message went on the wrong post. But just in case it was guided towards me. I have to be up at 3:30 to be at my job by 4:30 to make shift change and work twelve hour shifts, rotating days and nights.

Are you telling me to suck it up, beaner? And that's the translation of his name. Cause I think maybe your message went on the wrong post. But just in case it was guided towards me. I have to be up at 3:30 to be at my job by 4:30 to make shift change and work twelve hour shifts, rotating days and nights.

It's an offensive term all the same, and the intent is obvious. So let's be civil and not use it again in polite company.

Then it's an offensive name and thus should be removed if it's that offensive. I actually take more offense calling someone frijolero. I wasn't trying to offend anyone and I think your panties are in a serious wad about nothing.

ConnorBrown36 5

guess they replace the birds:)

iPoopMusic 0


And the trees. But idk that's just what I'm thinking...

Invest in some earplugs, my friend

dyble95 0

Then what about your alarm.

AgentSmith79 9

Stand by your window topless and eat a banana. They will stop what they're doing.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Then a popsicle. And then a hotdog.

Then a pickle.

turkishjew 0

And then a cucumber and olives


Then do some jumping jacks

reallytho3 11

Great comment 54! JK

bananaburger 0

And then a corn dog with it bitten off at the top

C-c-c-combo breaker

lillost93 5

U seem pretty experienced with that :/

Earplugs are 5 dollars...

sleep through the alarmzzzzzzzz

btnhdude 0

I like your pic cuz it's ******* true. **** the world. little girls and shit.

ReynshineCutting 10

It's annoying but they'll be done soon. They probably start that early because of the heat. You could get a fan and turn it on. They're great for masking noise. We sleep with one every night because of the traffic on our street.

ReynshineCutting 10

Haha thanks I guess. She's one helluva unicorn. I did that to her for my niece for Christmas and I think I was more excited that my mare was a unicorn than my 2 1/2 year old niece!

green_eggs_and_h 0

I actually find the sound of construction work at 5 am to be quite soothing...

If it's for a month, move to a temporary place?

Why would you say a month? What part of the FML even slightly indicated a time period?

duckman9 55

maybe its a permanent construction site... they just might be building the next pyramid next to the OPs house.

Bingo, 83. In ten thousand years, archaeologists will be buzzing about the great Boston Pyramids, mark my words. :P

bobbymullet 11

you now have a new alarm clock that you didn't have to pay a penny for. you should thank them.