By need sleep - 25/02/2015 16:53 - United States - Severna Park

Today, it's been three days since I started working 12-hour night shifts. My neighbors have now decided to renovate their house. They're focusing on the rooms sharing my wall. FML
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Guess you'll have to sleep on the sofa. Sorry op

Book yourself a hotel room for a day or two so you can at least get a little sleep.


Guess you'll have to sleep on the sofa. Sorry op

I dont know why you got voted down for this?! Its reasonable advice

Maybe you should do some renovating of your own?

Book yourself a hotel room for a day or two so you can at least get a little sleep.

If he's working 12 year shifts he might not be able to afford it.

JohnTheDonJuan 11

12 hour shifts buddy, not years. Learn to read. Or use common sense, nobody works 12 year shifts.

What if he is an elf? 12 years is nothing for them.

37 - i dont know where that statment comes from, nurses make good money and where im from they do 12 hour shifts.. (not to mention the ton of other jobs i cant think of on the spot)

Maybe OP has a lot of bills and that's why they're working those long night hours. Would suck working so hard just to spending that money to pay for a hotel.

What country are you from that nurses make good money? Nurses are way underpaid just about everywhere.

76 - canada. and compared to minimun wage its good money, i would love to make over DOUBLE what i am now. so yes thats good money.

I can read just fine. I was typing fast and not paying attention. Haven't you ever made a mistake?

countryb_cth 38

@85 the difference of typing years and typing hours is a huge difference in letters and wording. Even if you were typing to fast that's one hell of a mistake.

It was a stupid mistake. Still doesn't mean I can't read. Everyone has said/typed something that makes no sense by mistake. It happens.

you have cat to be kitten ! lolol sorry OP

Usually puns relate to the FML. Unless I'm missing something here...

Wrong FML, look below this one for the right one. do you even comment on the wrong FML without realizing?

If you talk to them about your situation, they will probably be understanding and try to be more quite

You can't really control the level of noise from renovations.

Pancakes017 19

Maybe you should start accidentally leaving your alarm on for those 12 hour shifts.

I work 12 hr night shifts myself, it sucks for noise. You have to realize shift workers are a minority to day time workers and have to deal with it. It can be hard especially on weekends hearing concerts and festivals going on in town. Earplugs and sleep shades make a huge difference

If you talk to them about your situation they'll probably be understanding and try to keep it down. Worst case, you rent a motel room for a couple of nights:/

how can they keep it down, they need to renovate no matter what, it cant be helped..

countryb_cth 38

Recommenting and changing the wording is not going to help with you getting down voted. You can't turn the volume down on renovations and if op asked that's pretty damn selfish. Other people need stuff done too, not just him.

Poor you :( stay at friends for a bit?

Shift work is rough, I can't imagine doing 12 hours on almost zero sleep. Try to relocate your bed to a quieter part of the house?