By Anonymous - United States - San Francisco
Today, I got into a heated argument with my girlfriend. Not because of anything I did, but because she actually believes that pasteurization is when a pastor blesses a dairy product. "You know, like kosher." FML
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By  boboates  |  17

She sounds like my student teacher from this year -- she thought the ozone was a hole in the ground and couldn't figure out why it was a problem becuase they should just fill it

  gsam99  |  20

I have lab instructors who don't even plan on being teachers. They've just taken all the required courses and "know enough" (even if we prove them wrong multiple times in the semester) to read us a lab manual and show us a video.

By  sdroze1389  |  31

did you point out that pastor and pasteur are spelled differently? then Google louis pasteur and and drop it. she will feel dumber if you say nothing after that.

  sdroze1389  |  31

isn't that kinda mean? letting her walk around thinking she is right but actually sounding like an idiot? better to get corrected by by someone you love than strangers who will be more critical.