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Today, it was my birthday. My parents got me a box of cupcakes. My brother got me a deck of cards. My aunt got me a brochure on how to quit smoking. I have diabetes, I don't play cards, and I don't smoke. FML
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the thing is... there isn't even a thought.. her family are assholes and her life sucks

muhaidib, you would still keep that picture up? even after a 5-0 rape?

they should have got you a tampon since you're obviously in your period.

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that is not a spelling mistake that's wrong use of words and how would I know if it was a mistake!!! he could have though that's how you say it!!!

"he could have THOUGH.."?? lol correcting peoples spelling/use of words and then you **** up?? boooooo and if you haven't noticed the I and the O are next to each other on the keyboard..

omg **** I wasn't having a go at him I was just stating something! chillllll! THOUGHT!!! is that better??????? and what's with the booing? huhh?

hey hey hey. did you not notice the lil "LOL" nestled in there?? lol I was actually laughing a bit as I typed it :)

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77, you seem to have some annoying need to get the last word. Plus your grammar is a mess, making you a fail grammar Nazi

lol I guess 77 can correct people and then freak out when he/she (unsure?) gets corrected.

56- ^win. 52- just calm down a bit. I get where you're coming from, but there's no need to get hotted up. rest of you careful. this is text communication. meaning can get lost. remember that before you click comment button.

It's obviously the ovula writing this story. Duh. People these days are dumbshits.

77taylah33 you do know that I and O are next to each other on a keyboard right? It's an honest mistake get over yourself

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Maybe they are the kind of cards with nudie-lady pictures.

You mean the playboy ones? I saw them at a bookstore once.

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Cool story. I saw a budgie once. Of course, it was in a cage, not a store.

Maybe your brother thought you would like to start playing cards. Maybe he likes card games and thinks that you could play together.

Fight that Type 1/2 Diabetes with more sugar in your blood! Spite them by peeing sweetness... Then use it as a secret ingredient...

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Well, it really sucks to have a high blood sugar. You feel like you're shaky, sweaty, dizzy, and just sick in general. I feel for you OP :( (I'm a type 1 diabetic)

1: Eat them on occasion. 2: Try it, you may have a new hobby. 3: Give it to a friend who smokes. Yea, yea I know, bad attempt. Troll me if you must. -___-

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16 ^win 10 good attempt and I agree with all the points there.

I don't know why 10 got voted down so much. She COULD learn to enjoy cards, and if her aunt thught that she smoked, that's a caring gesture. FYL on the cakes OP though, that just is careless.

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Not really...unless they've only very recently been diagnosed, they should know fully well that they can easily work a cupcake into their diet with no repercussions whatsoever. It's usually not recommended for the first few months, but once you've got everything figured out, you can eat just about anything so long as you account for it.