By Anonymous - 30/08/2011 14:12 - United States

Today, I learned that I have the balls to base jump and skydive, but I still can't ask out the hot girl working at the pub. FML
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Go for it. The worst that can happen? She rejects you. So what? Rejection is a part of life. Move on.

Maybe if you told her about your base jumping skills she'd find you to be Macho Man Randy Savage jr. and be attracted to you.

He just needs to become less of a pussy

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Your problem is that you gotta stop putting the pussy on a pedestal.

Go for it, you can always switch bars! Carpe diem.

93 the Greek goddess Pussyliya xD hahaha

He's at a bar, he should just drink some liquid courage and go for it. No jk she probly gets that a lot. Go for it, but make sure your sober when you do. Otherwise shell write you off immediately, good luck bro.

#124... Your 14, wtf do you know about girls in bars? He's not asking this chick out to prom or some shit.

Shell just say no that probably the worst thing that'll happen unless she s psycho or somethin

135- I'm just sayin go for like everyone else is but be sober when you do.

Well, he DOES have a good point... btw OP, don't worry about it! I'm sure she's probably unavailable anyways

Ask her to come with you. It could be an awesome first date.

Sounds so simple doesn't it? Especially when we're putting our most vulnerable position and are at the mercy of the said girl, who can shred apart any sense of pride we may have at that moment? Yup, sounds a simple as can be.

worse you will get Is a No just do it

Dude it suck i understand you i have the same problem

Harry Potter has the same problem… he can take on a Hungarian horntail dragon. But he can't ask cho ******* Chang out. Nevermid that she's the ugliest bitxh in Hogwarts.

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I can understand. Girls are terrifying and, if executed improperly, can lead to more broken limbs than sky diving.

23- **** you. You are forgetting eloise midgin sheis a cow

No 112 moaning Myrtle is the ugliest. She's a whiny ass, stalker, ghost nerd.

You're all forgetting Millicent ******* Bulstrode. But I think she might be a man so I'm not sure if that counts...

girls hate to be kept waiting, so if she's at all interested you'd better ask her now! :)

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Nice legs...When do they open?

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i only liked your comment because of the seedy looking bald guy

I say go for it. Even if you got rejected, can't blame a man for trying.

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You can die base jumping. The girl can just say no. Maybe mace you or kick you in the balls. But you'll live.