By er1133 - 11/03/2010 12:04 - Canada

Today, I walk out of my apartment to find that my car is decorated with explicit drawings and "Happy 21st birthday" stuff written all over it. To top it off, my vehicle is completely wrapped in plastic wrap. I'm 22 and my birthday is in December. FML
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uh? Happy Birthday? and enjoy the dick on your windshield.

aw I had my car plastic wrapped once too, cost $300 in repairs


aw I had my car plastic wrapped once too, cost $300 in repairs

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plastic wrap cost you $300 in repairs? did they cover it with glue b4 they wrapped it in plastic? fail!

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I had an ex gf write a bunch of shit on my car like "I love you" and crap. It rained later that day and it all looked like shit. and it was a pain in the dick to take off... I don't get why girls do that crap.

YDI for forgetting your bday and lieing about your age

@MightyMike By any chance when you read plastic wrap, did you picture the kitchen one? I was referring to the massive sheets they use in warehouses to keep boxes from tumbling over. It wrapped around my car about 400 times (obviously not by hand) costing me $300 because they broke off my mirrors in the process. If you're going to try and call me out as a failure, at least think before you post. Moron.

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it never said he lied about his age. his friends just mixed him up

#31 - In my first post I said $300 in REPAIRS even if I didn't mention what specifically was damaged.

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Hey everybody, let's express our love for someone by annoying the piss out of them! Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. :facepalm:

The writing says happy birthday, but the plastic wrap says go **** yourself!

@40: Win! @42: Not so much, comrade troll.

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Um guys, he probs just had the same car as someone else who had their birthday. how did u not get that??

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why would you even post this?

this is funny. ydi for having the same car that someone who just turned 21 does

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Seriously? There are probably thousands of other people in the U.S alone that have the same car as OP. You may as well have said 'ydi for having a nose'.

It's not like they can control it! When you buy are car, you don't think about who else has it or when that persons birthday is

maybe someone feels bad that they forgot your birthday

uh? Happy Birthday? and enjoy the dick on your windshield.

That's strange. Find out who vandalised your car!

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Doesn't that depend on whether you're using the US or UK spelling rules?

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vandalized should always be spelled with a z. s's are overused