By Eli - 20/09/2011 00:21 - Canada

Today, I had a violent allergic reaction to some bread I ate at a restaurant. How did they apologize? By sending me a free basket of bread. FML
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I don't understand why they had to apologize in the first place.

1 not the brightest people in the world.

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No, I'm pretty sure they just didn't care. I think some businesses do things like this on purpose, as a thinly veiled "**** you" to a customer they don't like.

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You guys are toasting me with all these puns. You knead to stop. OP, at yeast to get free bread. Don't let them roll over you. If you don't like that restaurant just go to another one and pay, unless you don't have enough dough. :)

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...isn't bread already free at restaurants?

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22: maybe because the bread contained traces of nuts and OP specifically asked for food with absolutely no nuts or something

They just don't want people finding out about the allergens in their bread.

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Ah but the irony of that is so fantastic. I absolutely love it when stuff like this happens.

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Ifim allergic to waffles, don't take me to a waffle house!! But in this case it's bread

Yeah duh bread baskets are already free. What a stingy restaurant XD

2. Its clear that they're not idiots. They are in fact, a highly trained team of assassins trying to kill her. She's thwarted them now, but eventually, they'll get her with their trademark toxic bread!

Wtf? Did you smash the waiter's face into the basket?

Violence is not the answer! It's too messy and most of the evidence can lead straight to you. Obtain and release the ebola virus instead

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You should definitely dine there again. Not

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Haha just sue, theyre trying to kill you

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Why the thumbs down? Suing might be a bitch move but... *Puts on glasses* They'd get a lot of dough. *sighs* Oh and uhh, *takes off glasses, camera zooms in* their pockets would swell up.

84-I just had to tell you how much of a win that was.

I don't get why people are hating on this comment. They are kind of harassing him. Like if you told a company you want to be compensated for having an allergic reaction to their bread, and in order to compensate they send you a coupon for more bread, they are just messing with you.

but why is it there fault your alergic to their bread?

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And you should donate that free basket of bread to the hungry. You can start by giving it to me ;)

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Whip it at the waiter! Bread Fight!!!! :D

No, no that's a bad idea. Source: Life Experience.

Don't be stingy! Share it! Just because you can't eat it, doesn't mean someone else can't!

Yeah, share the bread to the hungry or friends.

Free bread! Causes only slight anaphylactic shock. Perfectly pairs with maple butter.

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You expect some lobsters or something?

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i bet they're giving you another type of bread not the bread you got sick with and if theybdid sue them and say they're trying to kill me