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Today, was my birthday. I asked for a camera - nothing fancy, just a basic digital camera. My mother bought my brother a fancy digital camera, with all the accessories, for over £200. She then gave me his old, analogue camera, that I can't get film for anymore. He hates taking photos. FML
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What a bitch. Thats fucking mean.

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Well, I guess that's what you get for not being the favorite. Kinda makes me happy to be an only child.


how original

Just switch gifts then, if your brother hates taking pictures. Problem solved.

"I am so upset with my mother right now that as soon as she is of age I am putting her in a home."

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Ydi for wanting a fish

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I'm surprise no one has mention this. If I ever have a daughter. HELL if she will get a camera. Think about it. Girl + Boyfriend = Spread all over the internet. By the look of OP, she is probably a teenager. Think people!

Are you going to forbid her from dating any guy who owns a camera too? Because even now, that's basically everyone.

Sun_Kissed18 25

#70 - Phones? Most have cameras. And btw, you EXPECT your daughter to be a slut? Fail on your part...

Its not expecting them to be a slut. Its expecting them to not fully realize how easily pictures of them could wind up on the internet should their boyfriend break up with them. It isnt slutty if its with their boyfriend, right?

boatkicker 4

If you don't give your daughter a camera because you think bad pictures of her are going to end up online then you've got very little confidence in your daughter. It *is* expecting her to be slutty. Most girls don't take questionable pictures. Yeah, some do and then everyone and thier grandmother ends up getting them, but really its like 5% or something (approximate number, based on how many I knew about from my school plus a guess about how many I didn't know about)

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fucking through a fit

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just like me and my mom and my sister! when I was 11, I really wanted a phone. I couldn't get one until I was almost 13, and that was only because I got confirmed. I got an old shitty phone. my sister is now almost 13, she didn't want a phone at all, but my mom forced her to get a nice, full keyboard phone. like wtf?!

Same thing happened to me once. I asked for an iPod shuffle for my birthday when it first came out, day of my birthday, my older brother got the iPod and I got a pair of shoes. we were both so confused, but he kept the iPod and never let me listen to it -.-

70- ... Stop

Phones exist you know

My apologies for the ..., FML is being retarded, I had a full comment submitted... Said something like "finally, someone complaining about a present that isn't ridiculously spoiled"

What a bitch. Thats fucking mean.

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Op's mom sounds like a dick

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Well, I guess that's what you get for not being the favorite. Kinda makes me happy to be an only child.

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But what if you aren't the favorite anyways?

"But what if you aren't the favorite anyways?" Then them parents rub the lotion on their skin or else they get the hose again..

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Lmao @ 91.

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it could happen.... the same thing happened to me, my dad bought my mom this really nice camera i ask for a few years ago, and got me a crappie one....all on the same christmas

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not really... the mother could be retarded... ... or just forgetful.... my mother goes out shopping to get food and she brings back stuff i hate to hell! and she goes now i got u this cause u like it... no love other way around :P ... she just forgetful ...

Shut up you dumb kid. Take your trolling-angst somewhere else. This kind of shit happens all the time. Once you have lived for longer than the span of school-life you will learn these things. Dumbass.

There are some really vile parents in this world. A mother who spends $200 to spite her own child is nowhere near up there.

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No matter how hard you try to not let it, being the non-favorite child will always get to you. Even if it's just little things that your parents do for one sibling and not for you, it will always hit hard that in their eyes, you just aren't good enough. One of my friends is one of the emotionally strongest people I know, is married happily with her own child now, and it will still get to her when her parents say something about her being a failure, even if it's about something small. Yes, there are parents who will buy one child something that another child wants, just to emphasize the fact that they are not the favored child.

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My parents don't favor that much but sometimes I get so upset over the things they say like I start cryin and then my mom comes in and says tht I'm over reactin...... nothin bad tho like he's doin better then u or scream ur failin but I'm not failin anymore soo it's all good

It's £200 actually. Emphasis on the ££££££. You Americans really need to stop assuming that your way is the only way

Link5794 18

Well, it's the way most of us have been conditioned to default to for most of our lives, and it's rare that we need to go a different way. Still, you make a good point.

Also, most American keyboards only have $, very few have the other.

doggiewoggie 13

Can you not speak for all of America please? We're not all as ignorant as this person and saying something so stupid makes you just as ignorant as them. -.-

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Well obviously if he hates taking photos, then you could buy it for him or maybe he'd be generous enough to just give it to you. Sucks about your birthday though. FYL

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do the ricky bobby-stop-pose for the frame

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You should have gotten it yourself. Your brother may be pampered, but he'll be suffering from it in the long run.

Just casually acquire it over time. Borrow it for a couple of days, forget to give it back for a couple more. Then a week later borrow it for a week, forget to give it back again... Just keep it up till it's permanently in your possession. Unless of course your bro won't let you borrow it, in which case FYL. But this kind of thing doesn't usually happen for no reason. Either this is a fake or you've left out something important that you're not telling us.

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Unfortunately this does happen for no reason. Or else because of the age of the child. It was summer. I asked my mom to get me a new bathing suit. She said "no your old one is fine," a week later bought each of my little sisters a new one. At the end of the summer when they were on sale I said "mom can I get a new bathing suit now, for next summer," she didnt buy me one, but a few days later went back to the same store and bought each of my sisters a new one. Next summer came. She bought my sisters new bathing suits. I asked for one. "no, you should be fine you still have your old one" I asked her a few weeks later. got told no again. Asked at the end of the season. No again, but my sisters got new ones for next year, again. Third summer rolls around, my old bathing suit is too small. I can get it on but it fits very poorly, especially the top. I'm hanging out. I ask my mom for a new one "Well can't you jsut wear that one for a few more weeks. Your sisters are going to florida to stay with your grandparents and they need new ones." I say fine. A few weeks later I ask again. she says "No, you already have one." to which I say "but mom, its too small." and she says "well that's not my fault. Get a job." She kicks me out the next morning because I don't have a job yet. I move back in next march, still without a job because no one is hiring. She realizes how bad the economy is and finally sees that its not my fault I don't have a job. Then it turns to summer. I still dont have a new bathing suit. I ask again, reminding her that the one i have is way too small. She tells me to wait until the end of summer because my sisters need new ones. Finally she buys me one at the end of that summer.

would this have anything to do with the fact that you had BABY sisters, who grow incredibly quickly?

Okay, maybe "for no reason" was a bad phrase, "out of nowhere" would have been better.

boatkicker 4

They weren't actually babies. I will probably always call them my 'baby sisters' unless they ask me not to. Neither of them outgrew the bathing suits of the first year until the beginning of the fourth year. My youngest sister still liked to wear the bathing suit from the first year because it was apparently cooler looking than the others she had. The older of the two was the same size I was even though she is 7 years younger than me. She ended up growing a few inches but it was he legs that grew and leg length has no effect on bathing suit size. Anyways, I wasn't complaining about it. That was like two years ago. I'm over it now. It just happens to be a great example of how parents treat different children much differently.

boatkicker 4

That's true. It usually does not just happen out of no where. And actually I guess I sorta was wrong too. There was a reason with my sisters. I was significantly older, and my mother saw me more as a companion and another parent than as her daughter. She apparently hadn't considered me one of her 'children' since I was 12. I was the other adult in the house. She told me this when I moved out a few months ago. I am still not sure whether to be proud or offended.

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I feel for you. My mom does the same shit just because she hates my dad. WTF? I'm not my dad so stop it. 2 1/2 more years to put up with this shit. Can't wait to turn 18!!!

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Eh, it could. OP was just expecting a basic camera, so her idea of fancy doesn't have to be a professional photography camera, or anything. Lots of cameras come with some accessories included, too, or in some kind of bundle where they're not quite as expensive. I have a pretty nice camera that didn't cost me nearly $400 (a little over 200 pounds).

I got a really good camera for £90, they aren't that expensive :/

Well #23, I consider there to be a huge difference between an EasyShare and an EOS 1D #18, I know that everyone's views on "nice" cameras varies, but I wouldn't expect much more from £200 (some accessories included) aside from a basic Point & Shoot, and maybe a tripod and some other stuff. Not everyone has to go out and burn $7000 on a top of the line Canon, but there is a price point for "fancy"

It's just all a matter of opinion, I guess. We don't know what kind of camera OP's brother got, so there's no sure way of knowing. Just saying, it's not a completely bogus idea that a "fancy" camera is fairly affordable.

Yeah, I know. They could've always gone used, since times are tough now. I'm just saying they most likely went new, and there's not much you can get in that range. My friend scored a 40D with 3 lenses and a bunch of other stuff for $750, so the possibility of OP's brother getting something sweet is definitely up there.

Understandable. :] Also, your friend is luckyyy.

#26... yea and my canon eos 400d was only £400.... and that was top of the range when i bought it two years ago. cameras must be so expensive in america :/

#12: That was what I was thinking too. lol. Fancy to me would be a Leica.

bugmenotmofo 34

There is NOT a price point for "fancy" fancy is in the eye of the beholder and depends on a combination of budget and expectations not a fixed price point a company would like to foist on you. I paid $200(dollars not pounds) for mine and consider it fancy.

What I - a Photography Major - would consider a nice camera is far above and beyond what a typical teen would consider a "fancy" or "nice" camera. The OP probably just wanted a little tiny point and shoot rangefinder camera to take pictures for facebook. My camera body and the lenses I purchased were well over $1,000 (I don't know the current exchange in pounds, though.) Rangefinders have come down so much in price, you could probably get one with a 2 GB SD card and a little bag for like, $110. Save up a little bit, OP, and move out when you can. If you want something, get it yourself if your mom's a bitch. Unfortunately, life tends to work like that.

my camera cost me £170, including accessories and it's a really nice camera. I'd deffo describe it as fancy.