By Anonymous - 02/04/2016 19:47 - Canada - Vancouver

Today, it's day 9 of my honeymoon. It's also day 8 of my period and day 7 of food poisoning. FML
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That is so unlucky. Make the most of it OP. Just rest and keep hydrated. The better you are the more you will be able to do. You can have a second honeymoon else where even at home.


I know that feeling food poisoning is literally a pain in da ass. You should check out a local doctor the have some good meds against it

wow :( literally after one day of honeymooning, life said to you: "okay, party's over, here comes reality" that's harsh

And day 2 it said, "you aren't suffering enough, have food poisoning as well"

Maybe the earth will just end up swallowing OP.

Day 8 of your period? If it doesn't usually last that long you should probably get that checked out, same with the food poisoning.. Hope you feel better soon!

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Some women can average up to 10 days. That is not a big deal unless OP's period normally lasts significantly shorter.

Actually anything over 7 days and if it still heavy should be checked up because it can be a underlying disease . Here in Europe we girls are taught 3- 7 days are normal, over 7 days isnt normal and should be checked up because it can be something easily treated.

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I know typically that that long lasting isn't normal, however, every women's body is different. This may be normal for her. My friend's normal is 9 days, when she went to the doctor, she was told that despite it not being wide scale normal, it was perfectly fine and she was healthy. My sister's is 2 days (lucky bitch), again, just depends on the person.

Which is why I wrote "if it doesn't usually last that long" :) I wasn't saying it's wrong, just a lot of people kind of wait for things to stop and are reluctant to go to doctors because they're sure it will blow over, so I was thinking if OP is in that situation then it could be good to know that it's potentially not healthy, not that she would be weird if that's normal for her.

It would only be worrying if OP's period is still heavy. If it is then she can have iron deficiencies

Just because you were taught that does not mean it is the defining rule of how periods should last, I was taught that anything between 1-11 days is normal because every girls body is different.

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I've been told by my doctor that my normal is ok because it's normal for me... My period is 13-15 days long, every month. So no matter how heavy it's not a concern. Just take iron supplements and go about my life

In Aus it's anywhere from 2-10 days is considered normal but it does indeed depend on the individual.

Godspeed to you I am terribly sorry that must be the worst

That is so unlucky. Make the most of it OP. Just rest and keep hydrated. The better you are the more you will be able to do. You can have a second honeymoon else where even at home.

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Day 7 of food poisoning? What did you eat?!?!

If they're on vacation in a place with different foods they could be sick from that, as their system wouldn't be used to it and would try and get rid of it.

Get well soon OP. Don't feel too bad

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And day 6 of wondering if someone up there doesn't approve of your new husband? Sorry OP that sucks. Feel better soon.

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Take Nauzene for the poisoning, and do it in the shower. Solved.

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Yeah, that sounds like a greaat solution.

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good thing it was a lighthearted remark and not professional advice, I guess.

That is the worst. I'm not sure what's up with me, but my stomach is not too happy either. Try to enjoy what's left, but maybe you can plan a second honeymoon once you get better or for your 1st anniversary!