By SBae - 14/03/2016 15:49 - United States - Uniontown

Today, I waited for the single bathroom for a very long time. I finally knocked on the door and found no one was in there. FML
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Probably should have tried knocking once you reached the bathroom.

Been there done that.


Been there done that.

Probably should have tried knocking once you reached the bathroom.

OP already flushed that opportunity.

I agree, but I've done this often. Usually in a loud restaurant or something and you not but you're not sure if you hear someone on the other side.

I'm the kind of guy that 1) knocks then 2) opens the door. Basically, if I get no response when knocking, I try opening it. It has worked thus far...

Eh I feel you. I find it awkward being on the receiving end of the knock like, "yes, someone is pooping here"

Though awkward, I am understanding of it. People gotta shit and piss. But if I offer a clear response to the knocker and they keep on knocking, then they're just being a ****.

Why didn't you knock when you got there?

At least there was no one there to judge your awkward waiting!

It's okay honey, that's life. It happens to all of us.

I usually just yell "janitor!" and then bust in . Some times no one is in there . Other times the person is like how the **** did you get in my house ?!?

You'd think after 60 seconds with no sound or anything else to indicate occupation, you'd knock on the door and check.

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That's a story? There's probably not a single person in the universe that has not done that. Although maybe "very long time" is a differentiator...

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You should have guessed when nobody answered your call, not even Dame Nature.