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Today, my boyfriend and I are on our way back from vacation. It will be an eight hour drive. It just so happens I got food poisoning the night before we left, and there's roadwork everywhere. We're at a dead halt with no signs of moving. FML
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Whoever is thinking about making "the comment", don't do it.

perdix 29

Hmm, getting downvoted sounds like a *lowers sunglasses* shitty situation.


Whoever is thinking about making "the comment", don't do it.

A lot of people will know. It's the most common comment to do with fmls involving shit. It just gets downvoted.

You mean, "That's a shi--" *Gets shot in the head by the FML sniper*

Now look what you've done! You're giving them ideas!

Speaking of ideas, if OP needs to go THAT badly, just pull over. It'll be worth it.

perdix 29

Hmm, getting downvoted sounds like a *lowers sunglasses* shitty situation.

wingedangel123 8

Don't you know that the more a person is told not to do something, they'll just want to do it even more?

Well I guess you could say... you were... shit out of luck! ba dum ts.

Ow.., you'll be buried, my friend. ba dum ts.

Actually, shit out of luck sat with me better than "a shitty situation". A LOT better. I didn't have the urge to toss him off of a cliff.

Smoldering 15

Your name is very interesting number 38.

UFIUETSimpdesign 5

How much effort does it take to add that "c" in? Also, give a little more thought to your comment. Not trying to be a bully, just constructive criticism.

I wouldn't care at that point! If I had food poisoning, either people can watch me vomit or they can watch me shit, cause I am sick and don't give a damn about manners anymore. But seriously op, try and hold as best you can but if you can't, there is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens.

I bet squeezing your butt checks together will feel like an aerobic workout! :P FYL OP-- food poisoning sucks! I once got ill from oysters. I love them but fear ever eating them again.

Same happened with me and delicious cocktail shrimp. They are so tempting but I wouldn't dare.

My Dad discovered he's allergic to clams on a trip to PEI. Spent two days puking out the car window. NOT AWESOME.

Maybe you should've taken a plane. There's no chance of severe traffic and there's restrooms where you can shit and vomit all you like.

Then how will they get their car home? :P

those restrooms are always filled with some fat mongoloid though who takes 3 hours to wipe the huge span of his/hers ass crack

#21, OP could be that person! Why deprive them of that?

MerrikBarbarian 9

Road workers usually have an outhouse along the way. I doubt they would refuse to let you use it if you asked.

Actually every construction site has 1... But usually if you don't have work boots or a hard hat they can let into their site due to safety :(

Just grab yourself a towel, play some loud fiesta music, and "Rat Race" it. Don't worry, OP. No one can hear you, so push away.