By Anonymous
Today is my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend, all I wanted to do was treat him to dinner and be intimate with him. However today is also the 9th day of my period and the 5th day that I’m feeling constantly nauseous. My period should’ve ended 5 days ago...FML
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  Suaria  |  37

Periods should go on for a week or at least mine are around 7 days. If you have a period for a year or even 3 weeks, you should go to the doctor. That is not normal, and could be a sign of something else.

By  VanTufty  |  13

There are other ways to be intimate!!! 😮

By  Quasita  |  26

Once upon a time, I had a 5 week streak going... I finally went to the doctor because I felt sickly alongside it, thought I was anemic. I went into urgent surgery about a week later to have a massive dermoid cyst removed and a uterine biopsy. Nothing was the same after that... and now I have nothing in there at all. The every once in a while random long one is one thing, but ladies... If you're reading this comment and you regularly have random super long periods and no logical medical reason for it, see a dang doctor. Prioritize yourself! As much as I enjoy being uterus and ovary free now, it would have been nice to avoid the surgeries all together... Who knows how things would be different had I valued myself more highly back then!