By cactusfears - 02/04/2016 19:48 - United States - Olathe

Today, my father stumbled upon the quickest way to get me out of bed in the morning: ripping out my nose stud. FML
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cactusfears tells us more.

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Hey idk how to work this but OP here. I should probably clarify, it was an accident - my dad was joking around rubbing one of my stuffed toys on my face to annoy me out of bed when the stud got caught on some of the stitching and got yanked out. Thankfully part of it was still in the piercing - it was just hanging there by the short part of the L-hook - so I didn't lose it, and my mom managed to get it back in, and it didn't hurt too bad. Just thought it was kinda funny :)


Wake him up by yanking out his pubes.

1. OP stated it was an accident 2. That would require seeing your father's genitals and I'm not sure anyone would want to see that

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Well that's a disturbing thought.....

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Actually 31 op never said it was an accident just said he stumbled across it.

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Hurt af? Hurt as ****? Cause that's correct. I think hurt like hell might've been a better choice.

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Pain can only make you stronger right? This is why I haven't gotten pierced.