By Anonymous - 05/07/2015 05:42 - United States - Tampa

Today, it's been 3 days since I moved into my new house. I'm already known as the neighborhood racist, after some dicksplash thought it'd be funny to tape a sign to my door overnight that said: "DO NOT RING IF YOU ARE A NEGRO AND/OR JEW." FML
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Wow that's terrible. Hopefully you can explain.

Klima_fml 29

A warm welcome, doesn't get too much better than that ;)


There's simple stereotypes that people associate with others, kind of like judging a person, we're not proud of it but everyone does it.

I'm not racist, I hate everybody equally!

I'm not racist because racism is a crime, and crime is for black people.

To much drama, your mom's a mugger, who cares, people do for the wrong reason, everyone is equal butt fairy

Klima_fml 29

A warm welcome, doesn't get too much better than that ;)

Throw a block party with all welcome?

dontlookman 20

With the sign on op's door, the only people to show up would be wearing bedsheets and pointy hats

JustinJK 21

Or an angry lynch mob. @OP maybe you should explain yourself?

Wow that's terrible. Hopefully you can explain.

Hopefully. But let's hope a hate crime isn't committed in that neighborhood because we all know who they'll be looking at...

Time to meet your new neighbors, I guess.. Better bring some damn good cookies or something

That's terrible, hope everyone believes you when you explain what happened.

Well just tell everyone that you are not actually racist and explain that some dickwad taped a paper to your door. Problem hopefully solved

RedPillSucks 31

telling people you're not racist doesn't usually work. just explain that some jerk put a mean and tasteless sign on your door.

Steve97 32

Welcome to the neighborhood! :D

Find out who it is and do the same thing to them

cadillacgal79 32

I wouldn't fight fire with fire here, maybe fire with a nice bottle of wine and a cookout?

Revenge? real mature, wrong+wrong=wrong

annie_zoo 27

He said - + - = - Addition and multiplication are very different things.

kandyapple007 2

Bake something and go door to door and explain that you didn't put that sign there and you wanted to apologize to whoever it offended on behalf of whoever pulled that "prank"

yeah back pot brownies, tell them they are just brownies, they will forget all about it