By Anonymous - United States - Tampa
Today, it's been 3 days since I moved into my new house. I'm already known as the neighborhood racist, after some dicksplash thought it'd be funny to tape a sign to my door overnight that said: "DO NOT RING IF YOU ARE A NEGRO AND/OR JEW." FML
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  ThatOneChick856  |  36

#44- I don't think that what people are conditioned to believe at first is what makes people racist. Based on our environments, we're usually conditioned to immediately associate things with certain people. An example of a stereotype: some people might hear about a mugger and automatically/involuntarily think the guy is black. That doesn't make them racist. What determines if they're prejudiced is whether or not they're okay with assuming that or if they can recognize "hey that's not fair of me to think because anybody could be a mugger."

(Good God, I'm tired. I hope I actually made sense just now.)

  dontlookman  |  20

With the sign on op's door, the only people to show up would be wearing bedsheets and pointy hats

  annie_zoo  |  27

He said - + - = -
Addition and multiplication are very different things.

By  kandyapple007  |  2

Bake something and go door to door and explain that you didn't put that sign there and you wanted to apologize to whoever it offended on behalf of whoever pulled that "prank"