By HairyLeggedItalian - 24/05/2010 05:21 - United States

Today, I was putting a wooden shelf into my new TV stand. Right before I put it in, I rested it on my leg. I then realized that the wood was of poor quality, and it gave me splinters. Now, I can't remove the splinters, because I can't find their exact location under my really hairy legs. FML
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in n out! my wood is of high quality.  


some guys are just hairy. and for those saying he should shave or wax: no. guys aren't supposed to shave or wax their legs.


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Well if they're not super painful, just leave them because they will come out on their own.

He's Italian. To go with international stereotypes- Italians are always hairy.

haha #14 I'm Italian... and you are correct.. we are hairy human beings lol. and #12 yes I just mean to shave or wax for this period of time so he could get the splinters out :)

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Italian stallion and I be hairy and proud :p

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well that sucks but dont shave your legs or dont shave legs lol.hmm this could be dirty also "right before i put it in, i rested my "wood" on my leg" lmao xD

that would hurt if u were shaving and a splinter go farther or cut off the tip so u cant grab it

Agreed with #24, shaving probably would cut the tip of the splinter. Therefore leaving the man, with shaved legs, and still have a ton of. splinters! Nair it. Maybe that will work!!!

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been there man. I've got really hairy legs as well and it's not easy getting slivers out. haha. you will forget about them tho.

Time to get out the old razoorr!! :$

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and you call yourself a woman. you should be ashamed

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#23 - some do... like professional wrestlers, bicyclists...

u shoulda hired some mexicans to do it... they'll be all gone from arizona soon enough lol. btw no attacks on me, i'm mexican too :P

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No ranvw you are not gonna get laid

I have a friend who's Italian and she was embarrassed to wear her ballet clothes because the hair on her legs poked through the tiny holes in the fabric and made it look like she had really pale hairy ghost legs.

haha this is pretty self explanatory... either wax or shave that shit! :P

WTF that's gross if he waxed or shaved his leg he might as well cut of his balls.

what is wrong with a man having hair on his legs? o.O

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maybe if he waxes, the splinters will cone out. lol

5: Not if he removes the hair from only that general area. How does a bald spot on your legs = not a real man?

in n out! my wood is of high quality.  


some guys are just hairy. and for those saying he should shave or wax: no. guys aren't supposed to shave or wax their legs.

Screw gender norms. He can shaves if he desires :D Plus, how else is he gonna find the splinters?

It won’t matter if he shaves. He can shave if he wants, as can other guys. It’ll help him find the splinters.

9 - I think they just mean for him to shave so he can get out the splinters, not shave all the time. Op - shave or trim that area and get them out, even if they would come out on their own leaving them in would probably lead to infection.

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really... did this person go, "oh noes i have splinters, i better go post an fml immediately!" like his life is ruined. what the ****, people. i demand a higher standard for future fmls, right meow!

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how do i get moderated when i didn't even break the rules? yeah i read them.

You sure you got modded? There's a comment bug that eats and rearranges random comments.

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Psssh don't be a wuss..put some duct tape over the general area and rip ''em all out. Then you don't hafta worry about people calling you out about shaving lol PROBLEM SOLVED :)

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i'd use nair in that spot to get rid of hair, and go splinter hunting. those can lead to infections that you don't want.

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lol... "right before i put it in" giggity!