By Nickie809 - 17/09/2012 14:59 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, I moved into my new apartment. I was feeling really excited until my new neighbor knocked on my door and left me what looks like rabbit ears on my welcome mat. He just stared at me expectantly as though I should be thankful. FML
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CyNommy 4

Rabbit ears like what used to be on top of tv's or the animal rabbit ears?


CaptainDoorknob 7

Return the favor by leaving dead roaches on his.

I think leaving roaches on his doorstep is a very bad idea. Next week you'll find a skinned dog hanging from your door, and it will only escalate from there. Just don't get involved with psycho neighbours.

shift_love 13

Exactly what I was thinking when I read this FML. Great minds think alike my fuzzy little man peach.

87- it's the source of all nightmares... Old Greg.

CaptainDoorknob 7

Fine. Then leave a restraining order instead...?

It's OLD GREG! I thought/hoped nobody else knew about him. I didn't want to, and I wouldn't wish him on ANYONE!

oceanbeauty 17

Do ya love meh? Could ya learn to love meh? Make an assessment.

It does sound like something a cat would do...except for the part where he knocked on the door. OP really should clarify what kind of rabbit ears they were

I wish he was a cat. Maybe I wouldn't feel afraid to leave my apartment...


CyNommy 4

Rabbit ears like what used to be on top of tv's or the animal rabbit ears?

I was thinking animal ones. But you have a good point. I'm going to say tv rabbit ears so it is less cruel then animal rabbit ears.

80- it wouldn't be much of an FML if it wasn't a real rabbit.

Dr0reos 8

He was probably kust out of feet.

SystemofaBlink41 27

88- it'd be less creepy, that's for sure...

Kefka91 15

Wait! Rabbit ears as in ears from a living rabbit or rabbit ears as in a headband with rabbit ears on it? Dammit OP, be more specific!

Maybe she is all FML cause the neighbor assumed she could not afford cable, which insulted her?

Perhaps it was part of a very rare animal, and the gift is worth a fortune. Or your neighbor is, as I'm currently thinking, crazy.

I would say animal ears since she says, "what looks like rabbit ears." She probably knows what a tv antenna looks like.

michael666 7

what the fu*k do you think dumbass.

michael666 7

your just as much a dumbass as the op.

and so are you for not knowing how to properly spell "you're"

I hate your username and picture nicki minaj sucks

unknown_user5566 26

31- Glad to see you've boosted your self esteem for the day by being unnecessarily rude to a complete stranger, for no reason. What's next on your to do list? Stealing candy from a baby?

olpally 32

47- no offense, but I think you just did the same thing 31 did(being rude that is and boosting your self esteem) Lol. If not, thumb me down.

unknown_user5566 26

I suppose I did :) Not so much to boost my self esteem, though I agree my comment was snarky. I just can't stand completely random rude comments... the original author of this thread did/said nothing to warrant a rude comment. No thumbs down deserved, you were just stating your perception of the situation!

missamazinggg 12

Pretty sure the neighbor is a dog. Or I'm hoping its some kind of animal.

olpally 32

True that, that comment wasn't necessary.. as long as you know where I was coming from... Thumbs up for you using the word "snarky." well said. :)

HelloGuys 4

31- glad to hear your opinion but if she sucked that bad......she wouldn't be a millionaire(idk if i get thumbs down ;) NICKI MINAJ FTW!!!

FilleNoir 21

31- so is that why you felt the need to thumb down the comment? Who cares what musical preference he/ she likes. You seem very rude.

iHeartRKO 5

I'm sorry but everyone on this thread is wrong. People have opinions if someone doesn't like nicki minaj that's them. Don't dislike someone else because they don't share your views. Just saying, if someone did some weird shit when I moved in I'd be weirded out as well.

HelloGuys 4

Im convinced that you all are haters.... Your just mad cause she's making millions and your struggling to pay your bills. Everyone with money & fame gets hated on by low lifes like you. (prepared to get buried). NICKI MINAJ FTW YOU A STUPID HOE!

well you don't have to like her but it's not like I'm judging your picture and username so I have my opinions and you have yours

HelloGuys 4

144- dont get excited with that downvote.... Cause i hit the right button

You make me sad to be a naruto fan...there is such a thing as legitimately hating an artist. I don't "hate" on her because she makes more money, I despise her voice and what she "sings" I don't care if I make more money than her, I am still going to hate her music and I realize that is just my opinion. I love metal, and I see and understand that a lot of people don't like it. The screaming is a required taste and I don't blame people for not liking it. I know it's because they simply don't like the music they are making, and that's fine, I hate making others listen to my music because I don't want to bother them with what they may think is bad music. Not many people take into consideration the singers salaries when listening to music, with your logic, all middle class people would hate every pop artist.

HelloGuys 4

151- i didn't mean to say you hated her because she makes more money, but you people where spitting insults at her instead of just saying i hate/ dispise her music. Thats why i started "acting a fool". But your comment about naruto is ignorant...its like saying "i don't want to be chatholic anymore because priest always try to rape children.

SenselessPattern 12

#157 *drags the body of the 15 year old psychologist from the FML gutter* Careful buddy, be very, very careful.

That's not anything like I said, a better metaphor would be, being ashamed that priests that raped children were catholic and that they were bad Catholics. I'm not going to stop watching naruto because you're an idiot.

Epikouros 31

Would you have preferred a pig's nose?

No. 2 rabbit ears are worth more than a pigs nose in the bartering market these days.

unknown_user5566 26

I would've preferred the whole rabbit. I think we can all safely assume the neighbor is one cheap bastard for giving OP a partial rabbit. ;)

zen1979 16

Or how about the hopes an dreams of an orphan from a third world country, now there's something valuable. An exquisite gift.

Hey, it's probably a sort of "welcome to the neighborhood" ritual, you never know. Or it could be rabbit feet, which are for good luck.

I think rabbit feet would have obvious toes.

i am very sure he stated rabbit's ears. are you blind?

Actually, OP just stated "what looks like rabbit ears"..

5-Only the left rabbit foot is for good luck! The right one could just be a take on the customary new neighbor bringing a plate of brownies.

Is it only the rear left one that's considered lucky? Rabbits are quadrupedal, so they actually have TWO left legs/feet... Which one's luckier?

btstig 11

"good luck" with the new digs. Edit. I'm an idiot. Downvotes begin.

Upvote for telling someone upvote because he admitted his mistake. Downvote for me for pointing it out.

AphyTheBronette 15

Up vote for pointing this all out and being observant.

Upvote for this entire thread being the greatest thread in the history of threads.

Upvoting previously downvoted members of thread.

KiddNYC1O 20

Damn, seems like the pilot bailed late...

He actually made it out in time, with no broken bones or anything. Just a few inches shorter haha.

olpally 32

You must live in psycho-ville... Sounds like a silence of the lambs creep... Get the **** out of there.

I hope they weren't real rabbit ears. *shivers*

Lbeck 7

Be thankful then! They say rabbit feet are for good luck, well maybe rabbit ears are extra good luck!

Hey 29, are you 12 years old? Shut the **** up!

And if you have four rabbit feet and two rabbit ears, you're as lucky as a rabbit!

Psych101 9

71- The rabbit that you got them from, however, would clearly NOT be very lucky.