Break ups are tough

By ... - 10/02/2010 09:08 - United States

Today, my pissed off girlfriend used window marker to write racist comments on my car window. This included Nazi symbols, "white power", and a few others I won't mention. I live in a predominantly black neighborhood. FML
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what a racist

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your gf needs her ass kicked. I hope you broke up with her after this !


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what a racist

She doesn't have to be a raciest in order to make him look like one. OP I really hope you have good insurance cause your car is about to get all jacked up

Another pissed off gf story. I guarantee she got pissed over something really stupid.

haha ur gf is funny :P btw I recommend u move from ur neighbourhood nothing but trouble ;)

#44 Your suggesting that all Black people are bad. Your the racist bitch. Your also saying that because it's predominantly black that the neighborhood is bad. Nothing but trouble? You ignorant swine


#56 ur an idiot, #44 is a troll, his job is to piss you off. Dont feed the trolls. btw and I do not agree with #44 I love black people and I am the furthest thing from being a racist.

How would 'white' people have reacted if they saw a car with "African American power", "honkeys, crackers, and whites suck", and other racist remarks toward 'whites? Would that car still get all jacked up? Eh, I bet the OP's neighbors will simply call the police to report those racist remarks and let the professionals handle it. Right? lol Hatred toward any race isn't cool, no matter where it comes from. Just seems like some people are more violent and destructive than others, today, in the year 2010. What's really sad is you can see that same hatred, on all sides, being passed down to today's kindergartners. @OP If you cheated, YDI. If not -> Time to move. Even if you replace your car, you've likely been marked as a racist and no amount of logic or reasoning will get through. You could even show a video of her doing it and still, some would say, "there must have been a reason his girl did that...she must have known something about him that we didn't". Get the hell out of there. FYL and good luck.

good observation #73. i totally agree.!

#73 is my hero

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It could be just me but if I see a car with writing on its window, I'd assume the car owner is the VICTIM not the perpetrator. Who on earth would write on their own cars?

#73 why would he be marked as a racist? if anyone in that street is smart they will obviously know he wouldn't vandalize his own car.

"African American Power" would tickle me pink. "Black Power" would mean something. "Scots-Irish Power"? Must be competing at the River Dancing...

#73 well said. As for OP, the gf can be charged with Deformation, since her actions were clearly aimed to ruin his good reputation in the community.

85 has a point. OP: What difference does it make if you live in a predominately black area? Surely it would just as bad in a White area or a Chinese area or an Indian area?

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If you were racist and willing to express your views, would you write on your own car? I think OP will be seen as the victim and not as the vandal!

"And white people wouldn't be as mad because they have never been enslaved for 400 years, exterminated, then put on reservations, or some of the other shitty stuff the white race has done to other races." Ridiculous. Living in San Diego, I basically grew up in a city where white is the minority. You would not believe how many people DO use that as a reason to "hate" white people. You wouldn't believe how much crap I had to deal with. Also, what exactly IS the white race? Please, give me an example. I get pissed because how the hell does anyone know what your ancestry is? Look at me. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. Im about as white as you can be. So white, Im practically see through. Im 1/4 sicilian, 1/8 mexican, and 1/8 portuguese. That's half of my makeup. Yeah, there's Irish and English in there, but the blonde hair and blue eyes came from my great grandmother's father....who was full blooded mexican. I seriously have been told, "well, you're white, you'll never get it." Or Ive been told Im racist by ignorant people. Eventually, the race card has to stop being used. The people I hear use it were never personally slaves, so how DARE they insult their ancestors by using it to make excuses for their behavior. I get so fed up with it on both sides. When stupid comments don't offend people anymore, that's when racism will finally die. For now, there are too many people on both sides that perpetuate the hate. Ugh, I'm getting so bitter the older I get when I have to listen to BS like this.

Also, Indentured servants. Who do you think did that when the "whites" first moved to the colonies? They were white people, as well. But let's just forget about them, right??

Im pointing out that no one can truly know what my ancestry is, so people shouldn't assume and treat me accordingly. Just as people shouldn't do with you. Also, you said white people, not "most" white people. You also stated that white people did all of this. "And white people wouldn't be as mad because they have never been enslaved for 400 years, exterminated, then put on reservations, or some of the other shitty stuff the white race has done to other races." That was your exact statement. "The white race" was the term you used. Also, black power/white power have come down to the same connotaions at some point in history. People seem to forget the Black Panthers. It may have been full of great ideals at first, but it was basically a militant anti-white group. Im only using my ONE lifetime as an example. It's because I find it personally offensive to be lumped into a group of people that I had nothing to do with. I have friends of all colors and races. Fuck, America is basically full of mutts. No one is only one race, anymore. You may have one that you identify with more than others, but its very rare you can find anyone that is only one ethnicity. "and that one should judge someone's reaction realtive to their background and what they've been through." That's exactly what my example was for. My reaction is based on my background and what Ive had to go through. "P.S. Being an intendured servant had no long term consequences on the way their future generations were treated after it was abolished, seeing as they had no identifiable features, like skin color, which could subject them to future discrimination and torment." No long term consequences? Are you serious? Now who's being ethnocentric? A large amount of the people who were indentured servants were Irish. Red hair? Freckles? Hell, the ACCENT. Also, even though it was supposed to be only a certain term, some were definitely kept longer. They were subject to physical punishments, traded on a whim, women were raped, people were killed. Also, it would be very easy to pick out said ex-servants because of where they lived. Just because you feel like one race was more predominant, doesn't mean you can forget about the torment others endured, as well. They were treated the same as those who came after them.

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poor white person, a minority in a land that has always belonged to natives, and after them Chicanos. poor white person has it rough. I find it hard to take "race card needs to stop" people seriously. black peoples' median income is nearly $100,000 less then the median white person's income. stfu and when you're feeling down on your luck, try venting how tough your life of privelege is to a native American. if you can find one. quit your fucking bitching and open your eyes

Oh, and here's someone to just prove my point. Actually, the town I'm in is basically run/funded by Native Americans. That's cute that you think they're all horribly impoverished and have horrible lives. Ive actually spent time with Native Americans, stayed on their reservations, seen their ceremonies. How about you?

"Defamation", not "Deformation", close though, you are right too, he could go for that. I know I would.

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your right man ttly agree

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to no. 73

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first =]

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you're second dumbass. don't claim numbers. maybe you shouldn't piss off the girlfriend. we know how to plot revenge. have fun getting your ass kicked. >:}

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first u should go black power lol

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your gf needs her ass kicked. I hope you broke up with her after this !

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OP, your girlfriend is immature and stupid! I don't know what you did to make her do something so dumb and hateful, but you need to dump her.

well that sux

:o that's not good...

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oooo, let's hope you don't get your butt kicked for your ex's revenge! Clean it off asap!

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Genius girl! She wants to kill you, but instead, she let's your neighbors do the dirty work for her! Well, anyway, I hope you live.

This girl is awesome! I freakin' love it. Sucks to be you, though.