By starbird - 23/02/2009 19:40 - United States

Today, I went to the Doctors and the nurse asked if I was married, in which I responded "yes". Then she asked if I was sexually active... "no". FML
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Dr_Phil 0

This marriage is going to fail.

Marriage is about LOVE. But that does kinda suck.


Marriage is about LOVE. But that does kinda suck.

car8o8line 5

Ok you need love but you definitely also need sex

Dr_Phil 0

This marriage is going to fail.

I always thought Dr. Phil was into the more emotional aspects of things...but who am I to argue his diagnosis.

Wow, that is so sad. Hope you get some?

uminuscooll 0

I'm jealous! Seriously! When I get married, I doubt I'll want to have sex, but I think the guy will pressure me for it, because... well... lots of guys want sex. #4 - Not necessarily. If both parties are uninterested in sexual activities, then, it sounds like they have a high chance of staying happily together!

if you don't ever want to have sex, you would almost certainly never get married. Sex is a big part of any relationship and yes, almost all guys want to have sex, that doesn't make it wrong.

linamerri 0

are you Mormon or something?!

I think once you have it you will be singing a different tune

all humans want to have sex. male and female. looks like your bloodline stops at you.

Hopefully you find a guy that is asexual (not the way plants and some organisms are thought). Asexual people have no interest in sex. I thought couples had to have sex at least once after being married, to make it official. So maybe you should just have a common-law relationship. Or a marriage that could be nullified anytime (provided that's the way it works). @77, maybe that's a good thing. Our earth is way too over-populated and it keeps getting worse and worse. We need more people who don't want children.

#8 I am guessing you are a virgin. You are assuming you aren't going to enjoy sex? Really? Maybe you are asexual, if you never have any sexual feelings. Anyway, this does suck. If your marriage wasn't consummated, you could get it annulled, at least...

bandeek 30

People still have to consummate their marriage? What kind of archaic rule is that? What about asexual people?

Well, go home and do something about it!!!

alwaysalady 0

There are lots of reasons they might not be having sex, and it doesn't mean they don't love each other, #4. There are medical problems, and things like depression. Almost the whole time I was pregnant and several months post-partum, I couldn't have any relations. My husband said it sucked hardcore, but there was nothing either of us could do, and he still loves me. There is more to this story, but I can see his point of view. Women really can switch that desire off, men can't. Talk to your wife, OP, maybe it's something like, she feels overworked, is depressed, or is embarrassed about weight gain, or something.

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