By MgmEboy - 19/09/2009 21:36 - Canada

Today, I saw a YouTube video of a guy scratching a knife and a screwdriver on his iPod, and at the end he showed how there were no scratches and the screen was still clean. I took my iPod touch and did the same with a knife. It didn't work. FML
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You are an IDIOT.

In Soviet Russia, iPod scratches you!


You are an IDIOT.


totally! who belives videos they see on the intranet? FYL and YDI

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I agree with chipmunk

I would add a "fuckin" before the word idiot.

gender explains

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oh shutuuuuuuup yea OP is an idiot, but don't start blaming woman.. i TOTALLY call bullshit on this post though, cause let's face it, no one is THAT stupid .

hahaha so true Rakayum

ydi for failing science, harder objects cut softer objects, knife= harder object, screen= softer object

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...youre one of the stupidest people ive ever heard of.

In Soviet Russia, iPod scratches you!

hahaha to #86

No, the screen is glass so it shouldn't get scratched unless you actually try

Oh, you'd be surprised...

ive gotten scratched by my ipod tons of times!!!

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He might have also had 2 ipods ... one of them might not have worked! Although you never try anything that's posted on youtube .. EVER!

iPod touch isn't a glass screen...

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i believe Op's ipod begs to differ

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run over it with a truck, so it'll look like a pattern of scratches!

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# 86 ur my hero!!! lmfao

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It's a retarded black girl, what do you expect? "there was no scratches."

EDITING stoopid. u would be dangerous with a brain. XD

it's a glass screen look it up

A few years ago my aunt tried to make mozzerella cheese by adding salt to a gallon of milk and letting it spoil. After that, I will never doubt the level of stupidity people can reach.i

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How will you know which videos on the internet to believe without testing them yourself?

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It would be a woman

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195 touchscreen aren't made of glass or else it wouldn't be a touchscreen....

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173- You really just made that sort of comment. You could have just said she was a stupid girl but to say black people are stupid is wrong, ignorant, and makes you look like such a man.

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Twilight2008- If your boyfriend/girlfriend watched a video online that said biting your neck would make you into a vampire, would you do it? But I digress. The difference being, the person on the video had an iPod while OP had a touch screen. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. So yes while you might believe women everywhere are stupid enough to do this, it is ONLY OP who is dumb enough to do it to the WRONG kind of iPOD

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@222 "and makes you look like such a man" wow sexist much not all men are like him you know?

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I was attempting to be ironic, lol. And in my mind he isn't a man. A man is someone who knows who he is and doesn't make stupid comments to trash people. And yes I know the irony of posting on this website.

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#86 wow stealing yakov smirnoff jokes was lame then still lame,time warp back to the 80's

#224 hahahaha what a retard the OP is.... that made my day XD

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yeah it is

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YDI for being an idiot

posting in epic thread

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Actually both the iPhone and the iPod touch have glass screens and use capacitive multitouch, as opposed to resistive, which use plastic screens. Check your info next time.

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We don't know the model of the iPod, it could have been one of the old ones. Still it doesn't matter, the OP has a touch screen which means they are sensitive to be able to be used. I don't see how that sounds like a great thing to scratch?

Clearly the days of using windex to clean your ipod screen are long gone.

I will look for you on the Darwin Awards. Hope to see you soon!

all those saying the iPod touch doesn't have a glass screen, stfu Source: 2 time iPod touch owner (comment written on an iPod touch)

Screen = glass, knife = steel. Steel has a hardness of 6.5, glass has a hardness of 5.5. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! =]

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it's an invisibleSHIELD demonstration or some screen cover thing. LOL..

op..... fyl b/c i feel srry for ur stupidity

He is not just an idiot he is a complete and utter fail obliviously your screen cannot withstand a knife with out getting scratches. You sound like a spoiled rich kid that his parents will buy him whatever he wants so he does not no the meaning of a dollar and in this case it's $300. So really this is not a FML and if you actually did not know you should be sent to Kindergarten to learn the difference between a plastic screen and a rubber case screen.

yes it is, it's a glass screen over a multitouch LCD. so if you drop it and the "screen" cracks you can replace the glass instead of buying a new iPod.

really..? what person is that big of a dumb ass and would actually try it... you totally deserve it. (;

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lol op, ur a disgrace to us ontario-ans

wow you are so fucking stupid OP

holy shit a 2 time iPod touch owner! (gasp)

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who trusts YouTube?!

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#1 You are a poser

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More like a dumbass.

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The screen is actually a film on itouchs. Me and my neighbor discovered that when we were smashing his itouch that was dropped in a lake.

#124 Unless you know it's going to kinda work, like a cake recipe. As long as it contains flour, butter, sugar and egg or something along those lines (and you actually cook it) you won't die a horrible death! ?

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...That's smart.

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You're stupid! Everyone knows those videos are fake.

no, i'm betting it was real. there are demo videos like that for InvisibleShield, a thin, clear, protective cover for devices. look it up. the OP is still a moron, though.

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it would have been an ad for ZAGG Invisible shield...

... it's called gorilla glass..... the videos are not fake. Some people just need to read the description.

You have failed as a magician.

LOL I think I love you

Well op should put his phone in the microwave i heard it changes colors after five minutes.

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Maybe next time you should think things through like that BEFORE doing them.


are you serious. you so deserve it.

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It was a fake video. Your a fricken RETARD. YDI

Oh really thanks for pointing that out I was having issues realizing why it didnt work

Oh the irony of "your a fricken retard"

All I can say is: Epic fail. Though, personally, I think this is amazing.

I still find it hard to believe that people as idiotic as you actually exist.

they do. work in customer service, you'll see..

nevergo 10

or work at a bar. terrible