By freed - 29/01/2014 05:13 - United States - Cincinnati

Today, my boyfriend finally succeeded in unhooking my bra with one hand, excitedly exclaiming, "Boobies be free!" FML
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Boobies should always be released into the wild. He was trying to do a good deed.


Yes! He'll be worshipped by all the boobies around the world as their savior!

DenBriZel 31

The boyfriend is hilarious!

Come forth booby man and rescue young ladies from the evil Dr. Bra. On the next episode watch as booby man unhooks a bra with his right foot and shouts LET THERE BE BOOBIES!!

buttcramp 21

Yes, good for him. Also, good for you too, OP. Feels good to get the bra off.. so the boyfriend wasn't wrong lol just silly!

You know, there's actually a Guinness World Record for most bras unhooked with one hand in under a minute.... It's an achievement that many guys would envy lol xD

My boyfriend can't do it with two hands under a minute. While looking.

He has found thy secret to unhooking a bra. Please OP, let your bf share his secrets to thy kingdom of FML.

It's hard enough with 2 hands, let alone 1!

Pinch, pull, twist. It's not hard. Most guys just rush through it and forget the concept of foreplay. Take your time, kiss around, and fondle the back of the bra gently. Come on guys! We're men not boys...

Actually #15 it depends on the bra too

I mean in general.

#17, obviously you can't with a sports bra, but with wired or push-ups, it's really just a matter of using your thumb to free the side with the actual hooks and voila. Free boobies for all!

killinpoptarts 9

Yeah the triple clasped ones are horrible to do... Takes twice as long.

Who fondles a bra? Didn't know we had to please the bra also...

Oh jeez I'm sorry my third language has me stating the wrong words with understood concepts. You get the ******* picture.

Well, the word fondle can mean "to handle lovingly" so I can kinda see how it fits into the sentence. I get what he means

Lmfao he's happy. Apparently this is rocket science to them.

That truly is an accomplishment though

So we should give this guy a metal?

No, don't give him metal. let's give him a medal...

I'm with 46, let's give him metal and let him make his own damn medal.

Or give him ice cream. I mean I would rather someone give me ice cream than some metal with some words on it. I like ice cream :)

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I find a sense of humor in a man incredibly sexy!

Oh please. I was giggety over some snow and fun ice. Granted I live in Florida, but I was a bit on the silly side.

Boobies should always be released into the wild. He was trying to do a good deed.

Indeed we should raise them until they are mature then release them for the common good. And ogling of course. Maybe honking too.

As official Boobie Handlers we must ensure that the boobies being released are able to survive on their own. We'll be looking at perkiness and size. The more alert and larger boobies have a much better chance at survival.

Can I be the official Booby Inspector?

We must prepare young boobies for the World outside. We must establish a school for the boobies where they can be nurtured and grow to be good boobies. Dibs on the post for principle. I shall be very strict with the naughty ones!

Yeh you just made it sound really, really, creepy 64...

Oh well!

#91 wouldnt that be illegal anyways?

Laugh a little, this isn't an FML. It's funny, life doesn't need to be that sexy serious when it comes to intimacy. If the objective was to sleep together, humour makes it fun. Enjoy!

Why was this moderated? There was no profanity or trolling, anything unrelated, advertising or anything that's really against the rules.

Sounds like a funny guy.

Yeah I think this girlfriend just needs a sense of humor.

Maybe she does have a great sense of humour, knows it's funny and just wanted us to laugh-- with her? For some reason, after I read this FML, my bra all in a sudden felt uncomfortably tight.

Nolimit2217 32

Every guy feels that exciting feeling when they free the boobs!

If you let him do this, I don't see how this is an fml