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Today, I asked my mother if we were eating supper soon so I could take a nap. She said "no" so I went into my room and fell asleep. When I woke up, everybody was gone. My entire family of 6 went to Olive Garden while I was sleeping. FML
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that's mean hope u made an awesome dinner for yourself

kellanlvr 1

aww I hate when my family does that :/


that's mean hope u made an awesome dinner for yourself

Princess994 0

agreed. I would have been pissed and hurt that they did that

i guess when they are there, they're family... without you. ydi.

no one says supper in the States OP. get with the times.


hhhiii 0

shush it tubby and Jessica alba on your pic? really. Is your name Luis?

pwincessa23 1

what??!!!!!!! WTF is wrong with them?!!! OLIVE GARDEN IS ABSOLUTELY BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say u stab em!! lol jk don't go that far but it is good. mmmmm yummy maybe cuz I'm prego but I think it's awesome!

48, yes olive garden is delicious! There is one here in Edmonton == YUMMMMM. Always really busy 

my cousin got hives at an olive garden once.

Wtfmlib 0

you are the stupidest person ever #5

KingDingALing 9

Piss on the kitchen floor and then leave. Let your mom clean it up. Or better yet, take a shit on the floor! XD

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olive garden sucks amyway, and nice ballad of gay tony reference haha

Jessi2487 0

olive garden is retarded - it's horrible Italian food.

pwincessa23 1

#25 My gran does. I used to when I lived with her, and I still do sometimes. It's a personal preference, not "getting with the times"

What are you a Yankee or something you need to get with the program, #24

ElectricGhost_fml 5

hahaha dude olive garden isn't that good anyways =P

agreed , Olive Garden isn't that great. fyl though op your family sounds cheap and mean.

FYLDeep 25

I've never been there either, but their commercials make it look like the greatest place ever.

the breadsticks and salad are to die for! nom nom nom nom nom. 

So go make a PB&J sandwich and enjoy it. Problem solves.

*solved. God I hate the auto-correct on iPhones.

n if your still lonly u can eff tha sandwich?

doink 0

panchod I'm pretty sure that if their family was home they wouldn't "eff" them so why would he do that to a sandwich?

maybe if you were such a lazy butt you could have been there. ydi!

So you're saying if she IS a lazy butt, she could have been there? What? That makes no sense...

Perhaps she was exhausted from whatever she had done that week/weekend.

maybe they were talking about how fat you are so they didn't want you to come cuz they charge per chair you would take up 2 you lazy ass

ElectricGhost_fml 5

how is the girl/boy lazy they just took a nap so that makes them automatically lazy?!

look on the bright side.. you have the home for yourself.

Ahunya 0

One extra person to feed :)haha

Well, now you have the house to yourself. :) But yeah, that was mean.