By buddy - 26/01/2009 14:58 - United States

Today, I woke up and it was Monday. FML
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ugh that happens to me like every week.

O_O That happened to me too just a couple of days ago! What're the chances?


ugh that happens to me like every week.

LOL I dont know why that made me laugh!

it happened to me like yesterday

another case of the MUUUUUN-DAYZZZZ

LMAO! that was even better than the FML!

simple and original :) I like it

I like this FML :D It's something everyone has to face, so everyone can relate. If you clicked YDI, you're basically saying it to yourself...

how the hell does shit like this get through

yea this happens to me after every sunday

legit, #102 just completely ruined it.

Lawl @ #1 and #108. Both WIN!

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I wanna 69 your nasal cavity

how 'bout no 69ing anything :))

How does this get posted, and mine gets refused. FML, My story is more dramatic, cause its my life....

and it's now or never...(8)

because this FML actually made people laugh

Your story is probably grammatically incorrect shit that no one wants to read.  zing.

O_O That happened to me too just a couple of days ago! What're the chances?

you shouldn't have woken up

I eke up on Mondays, like, EVRY week!!! what are the odds?!

Goddamn... I hate it when that happens.

at least you woke up. some people didnt. i'm sure a dead person will be happy to trade with you.

Once... i fell asleep on a saturday and woke up on a monday.. IT WAS MESSED UP... I had no idea wtf was going on

well... its called sleeping through the day, you probably went to bed like really late

You're Garfield?

and ur a tin can

Monday - The enemy of Sunday!

do you love in boston? I recognize your profile pic. looks like the Charles river

I'm sure he doesn't love in Boston...maybe he lives there though...