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By Squeak - 07/02/2017 19:00 - United States - Bremerton

Today, at work I put myself squarely in the lame / old people category when I foolishly asked out loud what FML meant. FML
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orangejuiceiii 2

well I'm guessing you're new to this app

species4872 19

Second result on Google is FML means "Fix My Lighthouse"


species4872 19

Second result on Google is FML means "Fix My Lighthouse"

alternative-facts 6

I had to explain to my mom what it mentions last week. I don't think it's anything to feel old or lame about. I don't know half the text speak things now, and I'm in high school.

Welcome. Try to comment on every FML, now that you know what it means -- the kids love to hear the ramblings of lame, old people.

CheekyRaccoon 27

It's not all that bad, now you've found this wonderful place. Bring out the cake.. What do you mean we don't have one, you wouldn't want to make it a lie now would you? Explore this place while the cake is being baked.

kaitlyn520 13

Yet you know to come to FML to make a post about not knowing what FML means? SUSPICIOUS (; lol

jcash52426 5

In case you still don't know. FML=**** my life. Do you want me to tattoo it to your forehead so everyone knows what a loser you are.

I'm guessing they showed you this app, and then told you to post your story.

redheadedmonster 24

Google and the Urban Dictionary app are my best friends. You should look into them lol