Red tape

By BLAH - 14/02/2012 14:42 - Philippines

Today, after finally returning to my house after over a year overseas, I found that my neighbours built a wall covering the only window in my bedroom. Not only is my room eternally musty and pitch black, but the council won't accept my complaint, because apparently my window was illegally built. FML
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That's definitely not what you deserve to come home to! What shall the FML mob do to such inconsiderate neighbors?! ;)

How is a window illegally built. Unless you built it while high??


violetsweety 26

Time to move. =|

thiscrazything 1

Or move the window.

theten_fml 9

You could try putting one of those window things that are on the roof and let sunlight through. I think that would be better than nothing.

So build a legal window

I never knew a window could be illegal 0_0

1 someone is getting raped in your picture

12- you mean a skylight?

Ram the wall down with a bulldozer

StopDropNRoll 11

Just build another illegal window.

Build a window in your neighbor's wall.

It's war! Build a wall in front of their window and paint something on the wall so it's forever in their view(;

50 draw something from a horror movie, or an adult movie.

23- And you have a rapist in your picture.

violetsweety 26

It's not rape if she likes it? ._.

That's definitely not what you deserve to come home to! What shall the FML mob do to such inconsiderate neighbors?! ;)

Redoxx_fml 22

The Wall keeps the White Walkers away.

jisaac09 25

I cut myself everyday that Game of Thrones doesn't air, with then intent to get HBO to hurry up with season two. I don't think it is working.

Redoxx_fml 22

Don't worry like Winter, Season 2 is coming

What the duck are you weirdos writing about?

FMLephant 2

Get a dehumidifier and a lamp.

ninjuh_wingman 29

Its like your own private dungeon.

Look on the bright side of things now you have a total dark room which would be perfect for a theater system. Make it THE MAN CAVE and if your neighbors complain tell em to suck it or build you a thicker wall to muffle the noise. As for the mustyness build a vent system that circulates fresh air in and pipes old musty air directly into their heating and a/c vents. Also include an access point on the wall to rip em in when you have those post Mexican food gassy nights so they get to live with the odor. Hahaha!

Or, be normal and make it a rape dungeon. Duh.

coledude919 0

Or you could adopt some pet dragons

How is a window illegally built. Unless you built it while high??

That's what I was thinking. I'm so confused. An illegally built window? The ****?!

the window was built without a permit.

Snafuusmc 12

I hate living in council homes cause its like their dictators or something. They choose for you! Not you for you sadly :(

I don't recall OP mentioning they lived in a council house.

Det-cord. Make a window in the wall.

perdix 29

If you use a bedroom for sleeping and *******, the darkness should be a plus. The musty smell just means you're a slob.

LiveLaughFML 10

Not really. The musty smell could be from some kind of fungus growing. It takes a dark and moist place for that to happen. (If it's especially a small room, in the summer while he was away, it could have gotten warm very easily) This happened to my Social Studies teacher once :P

peachesncreem 21

OP lives in the Philippines. They only have hot, extremely hot and rainy weather.

LiveLaughFML 10

^ this just proves my point...Baha thank you! :D

thiscrazything 1

Paint a wall mural and add some lights. Oh, and welcome home, hope it gets better from here out.

Well if your window was illegally built, not much you can do with it. I suggest looking into replacing the window with one put in a legal location. Laws exist for a reason. Also people, no where in this post does it say this person was stationed overseas with the military, they could have just been living overseas for the past year.

I live out in a rural area there fore I never had to deal with "window placement laws" so could you please explain why it would be necessary to have a law on where you can only put a window in certain places in your own home. Also what right do the neighbors or the "council" have to modify another persons home without them being there. I know some people who live in neighbor hood association areas and am aware of some of the stupidity that goes on there so it would be understandable if he was present and they forced him to remove the window and put it somewhere "legal". But to enter and modify another persons home without their presence or consent kinda sounds like breaking and entering to me. Also it is easy to assume from the wording that op was not aware of the window being illegally built so why should he be at fault for it. And if they had a problem with his window why couldn't they just move it to somewhere "legal" since they had already troubled themselves with remodeling for him that would make more sense than to essentially seal the room off which i'm assuming would be a safety violation of some sort. What if he was in the room taking a nap or something and a fire broke out in the house? How would he get out if there is no window to escape through? Sounds like the neighbors where just being uptight d-bags who should mind their own business. I'll be leaving for the service for a few years here soon and I own my home and I know for a fact that if I come home and my neighbors took it upon themselves to remodel my home for me in because they didn't like the way it looked. I might just have go to the storage unit to get my potato/tennis ball Gatling gun and I'll be doing some "remodeling"on their home when they leave for work. And I even like my neighbors.

Sometimes, now bear with me, laws are corrupt and exist only to keep those who have power, in power.

bfsd42 20

Use this post to thumb down 32's annoyingly long comment. Or thumb up if you want, but I seriously doubt you want to.

13, They live in the Philippines, bribery gets you everywhere. Just take some extra cash down to the council and get this shit sorted.

I'm sorry, are you mad because I made you read? As for the corrupt laws I know they are there and it's a frequent discussion between me and my friends. But window laws. Haha fluff it just give me a beer so I can sit back relax and watch the world burn away.

Over here, you need permission for anything that alters the outside appearance of your house. Why? Because they want the neighbourhood to have a "unified" look. As for the wall, I can imagine the neighbours built it on the very edge of their property, probably close to OP's window.

Well, I know in some places, if there are two adjoining lots, the border can't have windows. Makes sense -- if the owner of the other lot wants to put up a wall/building/whatever on their property, and you knew they might ahead of time, they're in the right.