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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Tell her to take the hot burrito out of her ass and stop talking like a retard. I'd be offended. I'm not white(really, I just seem it), and I speak proper English.

Let's beat her with eggrolls, hard shelled tacos, and watermelon!
And whatever stereotypes I'm missing.

  cstrat  |  0

I can't imagine her continuing to do so after the minorities respond with regular English. Either way that's hilarious. I bet some of them think she's retarded.

  zeebug  |  0

People have done that to me before. It's extremely rude, but also hilarious after I tell them I'm getting my PhD in English literature at Stanford. Awkward silence ensues. Lol.

  Generalx3  |  0

When strangers talk to me, I fake an accent so they think I don't speak English. Instead of going away, most of them talk like I'm stupid. So then I give up on the accent, they realize I'm NOT fob, get offended, and leave. Buahaha. >:D

  cherylface  |  13

148: Just because someone looks white doesn't mean they are. My boyfriend is a light-skinned Hispanic and he looks like your run-of-the-mill white guy. That doesn't change his ethnicity or heritage in the least...

  emilily23421  |  0

Nope, I'm not. I just find it utterly ridiculous that you felt the need to call my comment false. Clearly, it's right there, so it is a comment. Don't like to be called a dumbass? Correct someone correctly next time. You just look like a douche when you try and prove someone wrong, when you are very wrong yourself.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

#1, you have a point, but so does #2.

You made a comment. It is physically there. Therefore it is not a fake comment since it does exist and is very real. HOWEVER. #2 probably meant to say your comment was pointless, which it was.

I'm taking #2's side on this one; pointless comments are, well, pointless.

  NikkJachim  |  0

Hey cherrypieguy, fuck off. You say her comment "isn't a comment." The puspose of a comment is to say what you thought when you read the FML. When she read it, she thought "Hahaha." It is a comment. You're fucking worthless, and a disgrace to a good song.

  HeroOfMi  |  0

eh, I gotta go with #1 on this...#2 needs to realize bitching is just going to start a pointless fight..there will be other people saying "hahaha"...if you'd think for a sec, you'd realize "hahaha" is the same as "this one really made me laugh XD" which is what people tend to say a lot without anyone getting mad.....

  srunano  |  4

Lol I laughed at the "oh.right" part....but still it probably shouldn't be labeled as racist, to me it sounds like she is more ignorant than anything...but maybe I am wrong