By notmuchfun - 20/7/2010 21:17 - United States
Today, my mother continued her lifelong habit of talking to anyone who isn't white in extremely slow, exaggerated "caveman" English. She insists that she isn't being racist, but rather is helping. FML
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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Tell her to take the hot burrito out of her ass and stop talking like a retard. I'd be offended. I'm not white(really, I just seem it), and I speak proper English.

Let's beat her with eggrolls, hard shelled tacos, and watermelon!
And whatever stereotypes I'm missing.

  cstrat  |  0

I can't imagine her continuing to do so after the minorities respond with regular English. Either way that's hilarious. I bet some of them think she's retarded.

  zeebug  |  0

People have done that to me before. It's extremely rude, but also hilarious after I tell them I'm getting my PhD in English literature at Stanford. Awkward silence ensues. Lol.

  Generalx3  |  0

When strangers talk to me, I fake an accent so they think I don't speak English. Instead of going away, most of them talk like I'm stupid. So then I give up on the accent, they realize I'm NOT fob, get offended, and leave. Buahaha. >:D

  cherylface  |  13

148: Just because someone looks white doesn't mean they are. My boyfriend is a light-skinned Hispanic and he looks like your run-of-the-mill white guy. That doesn't change his ethnicity or heritage in the least...

  emilily23421  |  0

Nope, I'm not. I just find it utterly ridiculous that you felt the need to call my comment false. Clearly, it's right there, so it is a comment. Don't like to be called a dumbass? Correct someone correctly next time. You just look like a douche when you try and prove someone wrong, when you are very wrong yourself.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

#1, you have a point, but so does #2.

You made a comment. It is physically there. Therefore it is not a fake comment since it does exist and is very real. HOWEVER. #2 probably meant to say your comment was pointless, which it was.

I'm taking #2's side on this one; pointless comments are, well, pointless.

  NikkJachim  |  0

Hey cherrypieguy, fuck off. You say her comment "isn't a comment." The puspose of a comment is to say what you thought when you read the FML. When she read it, she thought "Hahaha." It is a comment. You're fucking worthless, and a disgrace to a good song.

  HeroOfMi  |  0

eh, I gotta go with #1 on this...#2 needs to realize bitching is just going to start a pointless fight..there will be other people saying "hahaha"...if you'd think for a sec, you'd realize "hahaha" is the same as "this one really made me laugh XD" which is what people tend to say a lot without anyone getting mad.....

  srunano  |  4

Lol I laughed at the "oh.right" part....but still it probably shouldn't be labeled as racist, to me it sounds like she is more ignorant than anything...but maybe I am wrong