By notmuchfun - 20/07/2010 21:17 - United States

Today, my mother continued her lifelong habit of talking to anyone who isn't white in extremely slow, exaggerated "caveman" English. She insists that she isn't being racist, but rather is helping. FML
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Trupe 3

Black guy no like racist mommy. Very offensive

maybe you should start talking to her like a caveman and see how much she likes it....


not **** your like. FML I am the white one.

twinny_sc 13

If your mom did that to me I would kick her racist ass.

Trupe 3

Black guy no like racist mommy. Very offensive

LMFAOO 32^^ Hispanic girl angry. you no like when angry. burrito.

maybe you should start talking to her like a caveman and see how much she likes it....

hotscar 3

that's actually really disrespectful.

956TXking 0

there are alot of closet racists here....wonder if they would the same in their own life or scared of what would happen.

eazyeeze 0

Your ignorant bitch mom needs to get her hole stretched by a "non-white"

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dudeitsdanny 9

Tell her to take the hot burrito out of her ass and stop talking like a retard. I'd be offended. I'm not white(really, I just seem it), and I speak proper English. Let's beat her with eggrolls, hard shelled tacos, and watermelon! And whatever stereotypes I'm missing.

nisey3313 11
nisey3313 11

we opted for watermelon instead of fried chicken...were going to eat the fried chicken

Oh good! I like fried chicken too much to waste on beating a racist bitch. watermelons can suck it

I can't imagine her continuing to do so after the minorities respond with regular English. Either way that's hilarious. I bet some of them think she's retarded.

zeebug 0

People have done that to me before. It's extremely rude, but also hilarious after I tell them I'm getting my PhD in English literature at Stanford. Awkward silence ensues. Lol.

lol do u have like a white dog fetish?? hahhahaha jk:p they're kute

lol 32, glad you have a sense of humor about it. but in all actuality, it isn't racism, just ignorance or a feeling of insecurity.

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v_garcia3 0

suuure u know u hid the mixed brown one on purpose!!! :-p

tiffyc011 0

Black girl wants mommy to suck a stiff one

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Generalx3 0

When strangers talk to me, I fake an accent so they think I don't speak English. Instead of going away, most of them talk like I'm stupid. So then I give up on the accent, they realize I'm NOT fob, get offended, and leave. Buahaha. >:D

lmfao! so 189 puts the brown and white dog up XD

148: Just because someone looks white doesn't mean they are. My boyfriend is a light-skinned Hispanic and he looks like your run-of-the-mill white guy. That doesn't change his ethnicity or heritage in the least...

i thought of the same thing >< |the kid|

jaidonsafira 0

I don't know why this is **** OPs life, is there more to the story? Does OP have a non-white best friend or boyfriend? If so then **** their lives.

jaidonsafira 0

She means she talked condescendingly to anyone who isn't white.

34 + 32 = lol I'm white, I have nothing to say in caveman

syddyb 0

239: don't use big words for that guy XD If he doesn't get the FML then he won't understand big words.:) just kidding, sort of :))

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cherrypieguy 0

Aren't you badass calling someone a dumbass over the internet? Seriously get the **** out.

1221jamw 11

Nope, I'm not. I just find it utterly ridiculous that you felt the need to call my comment false. Clearly, it's right there, so it is a comment. Don't like to be called a dumbass? Correct someone correctly next time. You just look like a douche when you try and prove someone wrong, when you are very wrong yourself.

lord_of_yaks 0

oh crap the trolls have come out to play

cherrypieguy 0

il be the one laughing when your "comment" gets modded.

#1, you have a point, but so does #2. You made a comment. It is physically there. Therefore it is not a fake comment since it does exist and is very real. HOWEVER. #2 probably meant to say your comment was pointless, which it was. I'm taking #2's side on this one; pointless comments are, well, pointless.

NikkJachim 0

Hey cherrypieguy, **** off. You say her comment "isn't a comment." The puspose of a comment is to say what you thought when you read the FML. When she read it, she thought "Hahaha." It is a comment. You're ******* worthless, and a disgrace to a good song.

I agree with #2 as well. Your comment was lame.

Ducati4623 0

commenting about commenting about an argument about commenting is as lame as original commenting argument about different commenting.

eh, I gotta go with #1 on this...#2 needs to realize bitching is just going to start a pointless fight..there will be other people saying "hahaha"...if you'd think for a sec, you'd realize "hahaha" is the same as "this one really made me laugh XD" which is what people tend to say a lot without anyone getting mad.....

Generalx3 0

I'm going with number one. She can do whatever she wants and the comment IS there; no denying that. She wins. this is a dumb argument.

it started of good in the begnning until everyone started picking sides .... just let them fight it off so we can laugh at the loser.

spiderman0606 0

@229 Ahhh I see what you did there *points*

cherrypieguy 0

omg my comments aren't showing Im trying to tell number 195 that saying haha is just quickly typing something to be first. I had very witty examples too.

Fuckme19 0

at least you don't take it to offense:P

NikkJachim 0

The black guy said it's funny! Your mom is off the hook! Haha :D

abcdefghijKayla 0

why would he take it to offense...? oh. right.

Lol I laughed at the "oh.right" part....but still it probably shouldn't be labeled as racist, to me it sounds like she is more ignorant than anything...but maybe I am wrong

IMO, racism stems from ignorance. That's just me.

I have nothing to say I just wanted to comment cause it says I'll be number 4 and I have no life

kewlmaveric 0

..that's not even a comment at all.

You should beat your mom over the head with a burrito

I think you mean: "Arriba! Arriba! Yo como un taco!" Note: This is what you say to Spanish racists or white racists to make fun of them, not an actual phrase to order a taco. If you want an actual taco, say: "Uno taco, por favor?".