By Mr IT - 24/11/2009 01:47 - Sweden

Today, the company offering the job position that I've been applying for called me up. I wasn't there to answer so they got redirected to my voice mail in which I'm acting like a drunk David Hasselhoff chewing on a cheeseburger. They called me 5 times. FML
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Duuuuude, I want to hear your voicemail now.

iwannafuckyaman 0

everyone knows that is why you have a polite voicemail greeting....


iwannafuckyaman 0

everyone knows that is why you have a polite voicemail greeting....

YDI for thinking drunk David Hasselhoff eating a cheeseburger is going to be the answer to why someone was calling you.

Duuuuude, I want to hear your voicemail now.

kozmikstarz 0

Well, they weren't off-put enough by it that they scratched your name off of their list of potentials.

ihatestupidppl 0

...They called 12 times? They must really want to speak with you. Perhaps a drunk Hasselhoff is exactly what they want in a potential employee, score one for you.

Maybe they only called to hear the voicemail. What did the messages say?

ihatestupidppl 0

Yeah, I was being sarcastic. When I read it, I kind of assumed that whoever called the first time just wanted his/her coworkers to hear the message and kept calling back to get it to play again.

(Don’t worry I got it) But then again, who wouldn’t want to hire a guy who can do drunk Hasselhoff impression? Write it in your CV next time under ‘additional skills’!

Yea, they probably put it on speakerphone so everyone could hear, and then everytime someone in the office doesn't know why everyone's laughing, they're all, "DUDE!!! Call Drunken Hasselhoff again!! Lydia from accounting hasn't heard it yet!" "Holy hell!! Lydia, c'mere!! This guy didn't change his voicemail after sending out resumes. What a tard!!"

I would ring them up, and if they ask who it is, describe the voice mail... they might be all like YOU SIR ARE HIRED!...just a thought... then it would not be a fml

Yeah not an FML. They wouldn't have called 12X if the voicemail was a problem.

this. everyone knows that when applying for a job, you make sure to delete all embarassing facebook/myspace pictures and change your voicemail to something normal.

Silentknight 0

maybe they thought they accidentally dialed THE David Hasselhoff and desparately wanted to hire him to endorse their new line of rum cheeseburgers.

sparxva 12

Don't worry. The fast food place where you applied won't hold it against you.