By ZiggyTink - 09/07/2015 03:24 - United States - North Branch

Today, my boyfriend's brother and his fiancée decided to preach to me about how I need to read the Bible because I'm agnostic. I'd be fine, if it wasn't coming from two 19-year-olds who dated for 5 months, got pregnant, got engaged, lost the baby, and still wanna get married, "so they don't look bad." FML
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Some people are so hypocritical and have no idea of their stupidity


Some people are so hypocritical and have no idea of their stupidity

Hypocrites are always the most annoying.

Are you sure they still want to get married to not look bad. They may actually want to get married.

People like them are the reason their religion is hated.

I've traveled through all of time and space.. I know everything that has ever happened and ever will.. looked under every rock, behind every corner and I've checked every crack in every wall! And no where and I mean NO WHERE have I found evidence of a higher being! (besides myself of course)

did you forsee, your comment getting down voted?

I don't only dislike people who tell people to believe in god, but also atheists like you. I don't care if you don't believe, but that does not mean there is no higher being. Just because they didn't always have proof about the earth being round does not make it flat. You don't always need evidence, and if we base everything out of evidence we will never know everything. The only reason we have evidence of so much is because we start to think, and try to find out how things are! Stop being a know-it-all! For all we know ther might be a god. Maybe every religion is right, maybe no one is right.

They shouldn't be preaching to you especially after all that.

wow the hypocrisy is strong on this one

Religion is a tool that can be used for good or bad. So is money. So are cars. And weapons. Etc. People that make choices to do harm rather than to do good are where evil comes from.

#28 You are probably the smartest person I've ever seen on the Internet. Thank you.

Tell them you worship satan and they might back off

Or they might try and get holy water and perform an exorcism. Really a gamble on that one.