By "bluebird97" - 28/12/2018 20:00

Today, my boyfriend called work because he is sick. Then he called me 4 times while I was working, to complain that I was working, and then he got mad when I told him I was sick and worked a double shift 2 days in a row, apparently that is insensitive of me. FML
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ohsnapword 21

Man flu makes the sufferer extremely sensitive, didn’t you know that?

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I was literally about to say this exact same thing!

but by being sick and working double shift you're actually indirectly telling him that you're oh so better than him when it comes to how much you can suffer and how hardworking you really are when he's just looking for some company and your presence.. had this thought ever crossed your mind?

The biggest FML I'm seeing here is that the OP apparently felt they *had* to work double shifts 2 days straight while sick. That's horrible and probably says a lot about where the OP works. As for the boyfriend: yeah, it sucks being sick and stuck home alone. Take your meds, take a nap, get over yourself, and get better.

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I usually get sick when co workers come. feel bad for them honestly

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That’s work for ya. I was working with a 101.8 fever and had bronchitis. Didn’t matter to them. Still would’ve been an unexcused absence. Slapped a face mask on and got to work.

I had the flu and bronchitis, but couldn’t provide a doctor’s note, so I had to work a 14 hour day (in the food industry, mind you). I was so sick, the floor was moving. Luckily, I was the highest ranked person there at the time, and my coworkers understood, so I just sat there and didn’t do anything.

I accidentally voted yes.. you actually suck

Take it as a ham-fisted attempt to tell you to take better care of yourself. You deserve to get rest when you're sick, especially after a double shift. Next time, take your sick day, lie in bed with your computer and have your boyfriend serve you soup and tissues. I'm sure he will love that; he's so sensitive.

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Have you never heard of the man flu?

that's my mom, who I unfortunately live with. you can do better.. I can't.

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Never date a guy who's a snowflake