By professorsdaughter - 19/06/2014 05:28 - United States - Spokane

Today, my boyfriend once again cancelled a date because he has too much homework. His professor is my dad, who's assigning astronomical amounts of homework to keep us from seeing each other. FML
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.Messed up dad.Why would he bother he is already creating a bad relationship with your boyfriend

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Your dad is one of those professors that no one likes.


.Messed up dad.Why would he bother he is already creating a bad relationship with your boyfriend

When you live long enough and see all the horrible things that are done to women, I'm surprised you have to ask why a father would be overprotective. What's wrong with putting a guy through the ringer and see what he's made of?

While I agree it's probably not the best way of going about it, he is probably testing the boyfriend to see how much he can handle. He probably just wants to make sure this guy is good enough for his daughter. A lot of guys are deadbeat losers these days, got to be careful.

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51 this guy is punishing his ENTIRE class because of one guy. Why do you think that is okay or acceptable?

Not only that, but they most likely have other classes they have to worry about as well. Punishing the entire class to test one guy out, in addition to all of the other work they may be worrying about isn't fair at all. It does also depend on how long it's been going on, too, in my opinion. If it's only for about a week, and ends soon, that's a little more reasonable, I guess.

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Honestly, I know several children under 5 years old that can handle their feelings in a more appropriate manner than OP's dad.

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Uhh assuming professor means OP is in college. Professors/ teachers can do what they want in regards to teaching. They can cuss, assign as much homework they want, or take the day talking about things that aren't even related. College is place for adults who have the responsibility to make their own choices. At least that is how it is where I live and generally the courses go smoothly. That being said, I don't agree with what the dad is doing but it's neither fair or unfair, just life.

How much does it matter if it is fair to the other kids? With the old adage, that life is not fair just predictable, I'm glad that a teacher has a decent, good, reason to give so much work for once lol. Think of all the crazy teachers and classes where there was enormous amount of work for no real reason. Some extra work would have little impact in the course of pursuing an education but it could actually help some kids. Low negative impact with high potential for reward. And the workload amount is especially irrelevant if its an AP class. Who's going to argue over too much education at a school? Maybe the work is helping students. I'm more curious what you think about: if the extra homework is helping students, would it matter why he assigned the work?

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Oh I'm sorry 60, I didn't know that college was a place for adults and that as a result of that they don't deserve to be treated with even a scrap of decency by their professors. Just because professors "can do what they want" doesn't make this behavior acceptable. Their personal problems don't belong in the classroom with their students.

It's also not really fair to the other students in the class.

Im not paying for my techer to "do whatever they want" so its not exceptable..

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I hope you aren't paying for an English teacher, because if you are, you should probably see about getting a refund.

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But it's alright to **** the captain's daughter.

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Then you can go **** yourself. I hope you never breed.

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Including every girl who knows you.

The **** on somewhere with your ignorance

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Assuming that they're in college since she said professor, they're adults that can do what they want. I don't understand this whole super protective scary dad thing, they don't own their daughter and they can't control her choices or relationships, I think that the idea of an overprotective dad that treats his adult daughter like property is outdated and disturbing

Great parent you would turn out to be. Maybe you stop and think of exactly how selfish would be if you did that.

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Your dad is one of those professors that no one likes.

on the plus side your dad is making your bf smart!

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Actually, he's more than likely doing the exact opposite by exhausting his students with an overload of work. The human brain isn't designed to function like that. Without proper rest, any useful information is more likely to just fly right by without sticking.

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Time dad "lost" all of his worksheets and assignments

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That's terrible. Just talk to your dad and have a sincere conversation about what's going on. If he liked him, he wouldn't be doing this. Get to the root of the problem. :)

If he's a very protective father, he wouldn't like him or any other boyfriend she would have at all. He could be one of those dads who wants nobody around his baby girl.

if he is one of those dads, he should realize trying to keep them apart will only make them want to try so hard to be together and eventually push his daughter away.

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Ask him why he is punishing the entire class to get at one person? Maybe he'll see how irrational his actions are

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Just as long as he doesn't squiggle him. That would not be good.

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But what if he circles him? Good or bad?

I dunno, I think squaring him would be a pretty awful thing to do...

But I think triangling him might work

Your father is diabolical. And not only does your boyfriend suffer, so does his entire class. Tell your boyfriend to switch to another professor.

That's what I was thinking. Who cares about the girl. It's the class that's getting screwed.

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Just go to your boyfriend's house and help him, lol. A dad should never be that controlling. What a dick.