By theman - 21/05/2009 20:49

Today, I brought some cupcakes to my class for my birthday, like all the cool kids do. When it came time to sing happy birthday, the entire class said "happy birthday to" then forgot my name. Except my teacher. She said Steve. My name's Jeff. FML
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Oh Steve, I'm sorry that sucks

suckstobeyou3 0

next year, bring a cake with your name on it.


YDI obviously your a fucking nerd, get a big dick and good looks, then they will remember you

pingpongpickle 8

this is obviously fake

pingpongpickle 8

but if not..was it like the 1st day if school??

281 you are the definition of "A mother fucking dick" just sayin

Kurg 0

I agree with 296 seriously dude, it's not his fault. also how the hell does a teacher forget their own students name?? not to mention the rest of the class but if I was the teacher I would be pretty embarrassed that I forgot my own students name

Oh Steve, I'm sorry that sucks

pingpongpickle 8

every single one of them sang the song wrong?! no way!

you my man win

Haters gonna hate.

kennaem1 11

Potatoes gonna potate

Alligators are gonna Aligate

that sucks man, i'm sorry. happy birthday!

happy birthday!!...Alex?

that's awkward..

suckstobeyou3 0

next year, bring a cake with your name on it.

pingpongpickle 8

no s*** Sherlock , he's talking about next year . btw nice pic, I <3 penguins :)

278- *facepalm*

That sucks, Eh! Steve?

And you are how old?

X_o_X_ocutie 0

probably like 8

Tiffanyslifeisbe 0


That's exactly what I was thinking.

cool kids bring cupcakes?

coltsfan9418 0

poor Jason

lucy331 0

only the Special cool kids!!! DUH!! and that is "Special" with a CAPITAL "S"!!

zzzmonkey 5

He must be like 7

choppedNskrewed 0

"like all the cool kids do"?? how old are you?? 10?

greendaygirl999 5

That's what I was thinking