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  LOLYLIF  |  0

Thats a pretty odd response, I mean, out of the entire group, there will be at least 1 "good Samaritan", who would act as a witness if and when she reported them to the police.

  isitofficial_  |  0

you do know that the girl could be pretty ugly right? so she might not have gotten raped or gotten texts or calls saying hey sexy. but since she was in lab the geek was probably the only one who texted/called to her if she was ugly. LOL!


Yeah,, u can be unattractive aand be raped, a lot of rapes are done when spmeone is drunk, so no matter how ugly the person is in the rapists eyes, they can be hot when the rapist is drunk.

By  flashback.miss  |  28

SO UH.. How many texts/pics/calls do you get per hour??? and how many times a day does your door get knocked on...dont worry this;; all blow over....eventually. besides, this is a mlia at best cause i msure youll be able to laugh ti off soon and the guys had a good laugh.. hope u didnt get tackled and had your clothes ripped off by toungues and youre not having 20 babies...:/ um.. soudns like sometime i would do though XD