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Today, I discovered the guy that sits next to me in class is actually a girl. Not only is that bad, but we had to write a paper about each other. I used the words "him" and "he", and read it to the whole class. FML
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There are some people like that at my school, including a teacher. Nobody knows whether it's a man or a woman, so we can't say "Mr." or Ms." We try not to address him/her at all, and in private we just call the teacher "it." We always feel bad about it, but there's seriously no way to tell. Some people are just like that.


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More like, **** his--I mean; her, life.

#83 you do know that you alone did not mod this right? I hate it when people say that shit, its annoying and stupid, nobody cares if you and 100's of other people clicked 'yes' or 'no' on this post.

im guessing she had a sexually ambiguous name

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If I wasn't sure, I would've used the word "they" instead.

Nah, there is one person in my class thats a "girl" but im sorry there is NOOOO ******* way!!! It screams guy to me! lol, it really is hard to tell.

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AHAHA thats horrible. if you werent sure, you just shouldve mumbled every pronoun. just make sure it ended in "e". heck, just say e if you dont know what it is!

There are some people like that at my school, including a teacher. Nobody knows whether it's a man or a woman, so we can't say "Mr." or Ms." We try not to address him/her at all, and in private we just call the teacher "it." We always feel bad about it, but there's seriously no way to tell. Some people are just like that.

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yeah...i don't get how you should be able to know these things. i mean, it's not like you can ask them, because that's just really rude and the only way you would be able to tell is if you see them go into a specific bathroom. or with physical appearance like breasts, hair length, clothes, etc

I worked with someone like that once. Does anyone remember that show about a character named Pat? It was like that! We absolutely couldn't tell. The person's name was something ambiguous like "Sammy." he/she had hair that would look equally fine on a guy or a girl. he/she had no muscles but also no boobs. he/she had a voice that sounded like a teenage boy's right before it breaks. Eventually we decided the only way to tell for sure would be to follow him/her to the bathroom, but we never caught him/her on his/her way there... to this day I still don't know.

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Ahh! I also knew someone who I couldn't tell was a boy or girl. It wore boys clothes, had short hair, name was Jessy and you couldn't tell if she had boobs. I first saw it in the girls locker room, and I was kind of freaking out because I thought she was a boy ....hah.. I felt so bad though!! =(

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I know a girl that gets mistaken for a guy constantly-- but she loves it. She dresses like a guy and cuts her hair short because she WANTS people to mistake her gender.

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shame on you for using "it". How ignorant. If you have good reason to suspect that this person is a girl,(i.e girl's locker room) then use "girl, female,woman" etc. "It" is an ignorant term. And if you don't have any other pronoun you want to use, then don't use anything at all.

just ask. it cant be more embarrasing than calling it an it

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I don't understand that when it comes to the teacher, when I was in school our teachers always introduced themselves as Mr or Mrs "Last Name" on our first day or so.

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you obviously haven't been out in public in a while. it is that hard for some people

@14: Not if they SIT RIGHT NEXT TO THEM AND WRITE A PAPER ABOUT THEM... as 16 pointed out. Like I said, the random encounter mistakes are one thing, but this isn't anywhere close.

I didn't see the word interview anywhere. It could have been a cursory paper about appearances or guesswork. I hope they weren't friends... otherwise xD And I could easily understand because I was in a tour the other day and there was this "girl". There were three of us and I still maintain doubts that it was a "girl". But wearing a sweater, flat-chested, one pony-tail blonde (but in the way that some beach guys do it), not buff at all but gangly and long-limbed. "She" could have easily been a gymnast or some really skinny dude. And for over an hour there was no definite sign of either way.

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with all them womenfolk wearin' pants instead of dresses these days, it gets hard to tell them genders apart.

Come to think of it, I did have a guy come up to me while I was at work and he saw me from behind. He thought I was a guy until I turned around. I work in a musical instruments dept and most of the guys that work in my dept have long hair, like me, and we wear loose fitting polos. But I was pregnant at the time, so once I turned around, it was clearly obvious that I was NOT a guy. He told me about it and we both had a good laugh about it.

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We don't know what kind of questions the OP had to ask her to do the report. They could have been really general, like "Where are you from? What do you like to do in your spare time?" etc... Possibly, she was very athletic (ahem, butch) and liked sports, and wore baggy clothes. Or maybe she was heavy and into video games. It's possible that the girl like something that was gender neutral or even more masculine, and she wore baggy clothes and had short hair. It must have been a reenactment of the Pat skits.

Nah, there's this girl I used to go to high school with, shaggy, unkempt, shoulder length hair, big facial features, no boobs, and the mustache. She never talked either, but when she did her voice was very unisex. But every time I saw her in the girls locker room I couldn't help but do a double take. I always thought she was a guy up until the moment I saw her in the locker room first, and I saw her a lot around school up to that point. And I go to a small school too, graduating class of 35. Other people even said that they didn't know she was a she until they saw her go into the girls locker room.

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If the OP were judging the person's gender based on the scenarios you used as examples, she'd be sexist. :/

That's effed up. lol. Oh well, She should've at least made herself look more feminine. I don't blame you though, that happened to me ALOT!!

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Did she have a masculine name?

I knew a guy named Courtney in college. He went on to be an All-Pro center for the San Diego Chargers. For whatever reason, nobody ever made fun of his name.

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I once knew a guy named Caroll, and he DID get made fun of.

only plexico... no, i met an aussie in florida named courtney......

That's nice, glitchead, but could that Courtney crush you with his bare hand? (And I meant "hand" not "hands".) The one I knew could.

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My brother and I both have unisex names, but I am obviously a girl, and he is obviously a guy. But I agree with the people who say with some people you just can't tell and are too embarrassed to ask what their gender is.

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Well, you had to have learned her name for the paper, right? I'm guessing she had one of those names that could go either way... Next time just use the person's name throughout and refrain from assigning gender... It'll sound odd but you won't make mistakes like that anymore. =P