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Today, my professor was doing roll-call. As usual, she didn't say my name because it's so close to the person before me. So to differentiate, she decided she would call the girl before me "the pretty one". FML
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You should have a word with her op that's not right and nice at all have a good day.


Sorry to hear that OP, hopefully a little chat after class to let your teacher know you won't stand for the bullying.

pretty sure the teacher can lose their job over that

#1: I think there's a difference between "bullying" and not being nice. I think you don't.

#33: I think he doesn't... think there's a difference between "bullying" and not being nice. I guess I should be glad he didn't call it "harassment" yet. If all you people truly think such terms adequately describe the this FML's situation, I envy your innocence. May you never face harsher reality that would force you to reevaluate the meaning of such words.

Dude that makes no sense.. mocking someone repetitively in front of others is called bullying. She should talk to him, if he doesn't stop she should report it. End of. She's already living in the "big mean world". We all are :P

#44: "Reported"? You're saying kids aren't ever supposed to grow out of this? "Authority, authority! He implied a negative thing about me by comparison ;_;!". Seriously? That's PRECISELY what Plato said about sick societies: people there are unable to handle any sort of negativity without involving a third party to arbitrate. That's pathetic. Go ahead an bury this under a mountain of downvotes, but it will still be pathetic. It would be a failure to act like a civilized adult to involve more people in solving this non-issue; It would be a personal failure to allow such a pitiful bit of casual banter to cause anyone emotional distress. It's making a mountain out of a molehill.

It's not because of "emotional distress", it's because 1) the teacher doesn't know their place 2) there's this thing called consequence. If a random person says something rude, it's one thing and it's not worth worrying over, I agree. But people need to learn respect. OP never cried over it or anything, she acknowledged that it was a bias and mistake of the teachers part. I get what you're saying, I really do because I'm usually one to follow that philosophy. But consider that it was a teacher who should know better than to express how one student might be better than another and it was in front of the rest of the class.

#49 I could understand arguing against, say, maliciousness, but what you're saying is bewildering. Why is it that a teacher "should know better than to express how one student might be better than another"? The process of GRADING stuff is one of the most basic tasks a teacher performs, and it explicitly, numerically separates the good from the bad. People ARE different. Why should anyone pretend otherwise? Some are smarter, some are dumber. Some are prettier, some are uglier. Some are more polite, some are less polite. I get it that this particular exchange can be argued against, but the general statement you are trying to make is something I can hardly agree with. I strive, in many ways, to be better than others. I like when people acknowledge that. Turning a blind eye to differences between people would feel pretty demotivating...

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Tell the principal and get the teacher fired so you can be the happy one

professors don't usually have principals.

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There's always department deans though! Unless your professor is the dean of the department...

She probably just says that to make the other girl feel better about her looks, she probably thinks you're already pretty and don't need to be told

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Oh to be young and so full of hope again... if only.

You should have a word with her op that's not right and nice at all have a good day.

There are other ways to differentiate. One of you could go by a nickname or the prof could address you by your last name. I was called Megan brown eyes for a year because there were two Megans in class. There also was the time when there were four Megans in the same class. But nothing else would work besides numbering us because three of us had the same letter start our last name.

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You can refer to that teacher to other teachers as the Lazy Stupid One

Why didn't she just say your first and last name, or even just your last name?

I really hate when teachers bully or degrade students because they know there isn't much the student can do in return.

Although the student has a great case here. Most schools have anti-bullying policies which include teacher-pupil bullying. And i think this applies. This is outrageous and I urge OP to file a complaint. It is disgusting behaviour

Just wait till she's next to another professor and call miss then when they both look say Sorry I meant the skinny/smart/pretty/ whatever comes to mind one. See how she likes it.