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By aliixmaee - 09/08/2011 14:50 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of 4 years broke up with me. She took everything, including the kidney I gave her a year ago. FML
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You can remind her that there will always be a piece of you inside her.


Wow i'm so happy for you! I really hope that you understand sarcasm.

hellbilly205 17

That sucks :/ well just think this way thats longer than any of my relationships have ever lasted. So you should've enjoyed her well you had her

I don't no why it wrote the comment here it was aimed at #3/#13 sorry everyone :S

OH HAAAAIL NO. What a beyotch. On a serious note tho, you'll find someone better for you in time. :)

Dispute 3

Don't worry, Karmas a bitch and she'll get hers sooner or later.

I guess that means your not getting your kidney back?

americanhoney4 6

awe:( sorry! but she'll get what she deserves in time...

if she has a donor card and you know what your doing, you canget your kidney back sooner than you know.

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He means get back everything she took except for the kidney... use some common sense!

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Damn. That sucks. But like others said karma will get her

the breakup sucks op but did you really expect her to return your kidney if she took everything else? eg. "hey I'm taking the DVD player, the tv, and the radio, you may have the vital organ"

coffeygirl12 14

Shes're kidneyless

Tell her you're going to candy mountain, and then take it back.

bfsd42 20

Lol. All you people are funny. Don't you see that OP is just looking for sympathy because he got dumped. The kidney is hers and if he wants his other shit back, he should fight for it. He probably got dumped for his moaning so he deserved it.

Pixxio_O 11

Sorry op :/ steal it back when she's not looking?

That's what I'd like to know jsfromga. It's wonderful that the OP was a match and gave her his kidney, but this does not mean she HAS to stay with him forever. How awful would it be to have someone stay with you just because they feel obligated?

KaitlynJohan 4

He deserves it ! Why ? NIGGAS KNOW YOU CANT GIVE HOES ORGAN . Or is that in my hood ? :)

102 u realize kidneys can go for 20000$$$$ **** the stuff sell the kidney

Breakups happen. It's better than getting married, having a couple kids, then getting a divorce. It was nice of OP to donate his kidney; he shouldn't expect anything in return.

DaslovesTrack 2

So what? You deserve it for thinking giving her a kidney will make her stay with you forever. God knows why she broke up with you, you could have cheated on her or beaten her or anything.

You realize apart of you will be in her forever >:D take that bitch!

woody768 0

Well now you can tell all her new boyfriends that you will always be inside her :P

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Haha 268 I beat you too it >:)

juicedboi 7

Well regardless of the end result, you are by far one of the most outstanding human beings walking on earth for giving up your kidney in the first place. 163- That comment made my day, and I would like to thank you. Want a kidney?

I think giving her a kidney should have hinted in a proposal. you were too slow man.

coffeygirl12 14

Hmm, im gonna hav to pass on taking your kidney...srry, i already have 6

blitz426 0

You should go to her house and cut it back out while she's sleeping.

smileyxo4 5

Well what was she supposed to do? Give it back?all relationships last forever. You gave her your kidney. Would you rather her pretend to like you for the rest of your life?

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redoxy I love you. I was once addicted to you

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183:Next time I see you I'll take you kidney and leave.

smileyxo4 5
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tattoos with names and er.. um kidney giveaways should be off limits in bf/gf relationships..

EnEl_Infierno 15

To bad I don't have the time to comment and thumb down so many stupid ppl who actually think he was asking for his kidney back or tht he was trying to use the situation to keep her in an unhappy relationship he is just clearly upset abt their breakup and tht in his view tht she was ungrateful for taking everything & ending it on a bad note despite him having loved her enough to give her such a vital part of himself.

EnEl_Infierno 15

Dammit meant to thread much much lower.

Just cuz you gave her a kidney doesnt mean she will love you forever. it must have been something between you two that you couldnt solve

Use the chainsaw she gave you for your birthday.

hellbilly205 17

Haha shows her to buy me a chainsaw...let me just put on this hockey mask to stop the blood from hitting me in the face...1 hour later well hey that was fun maybe i should try this again sometime

What the **** op, you're complaining she didn't give you your kidney back?

@97 No you freakin moron, but understandably he is extremely pissed that he's now going to suffer from increased blood pressure and likely serious complications in the long run, and that she didn't even have the decency or gratitude to even end the relationship on good terms.

bfsd42 20

No 104. OP is clearly butt hurt that his ex left him and is using the kidney as an attempt to get some sympathy.

daysgoby902 6

you're all wrong. he's just upset because he loved her so much and she gave up on the relationship

yeah. I think it's more that he loved her enough to give her a kidney and she dumped him. AND took all his shit.

especially after just a my mom gave my grandpa a kidney and it took her a couple months to heal. so basically right after he saves her life she dumps him

Yeah and while you're at it, get your balls back too, mmkay?

renaee 13

If he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it. Now she got his kidney and he want it.

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cut that bitch open and take what's yours.

take her to candy mountain and steal it back

renaee 13

I thought it was clever... Sheesh tough crowd.

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97 no u dumbass she left him even after he probably risked his life to save hers

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OMG I commented up at the top. This is such a great day.... : )

Jesus why don't you donate all your organs except your brains?

Actually since you donated it, it isn't legally yours anymore. Learn shit before you say shit Satan.

27- that would kill you... Unless you are already dead.

Ever stop and think "Hey, maybe Satan was talking about all the other shit OP's ex took?" Jesus.

skata 4

it's not that hard to get it back... how do you think he's gonna get it back?

I agree with 196. I'm 99.999% sure 'Satan' was talking about op's stuff, not his kidney. Sometimes the people on this site amaze me with their stupidity.

coffeygirl12 14

I dont think he has any brains...

deepunder 17

This will not end up as murder. "I'll just take my kidney back with NO dire consequences. It's my legal right to take stuff back after I've donated it, so I'm not going to be getting a lawsuit for organ stealing. I just need to get my saw and everything will turn out fine." Only in a land of unicorns and flowers.

Your poor kidney. It ha to deal with duh an awful person.

You can remind her that there will always be a piece of you inside her.

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"My hair's in the pie Brian. And now, it's inside of you. Part of me, is inside of you, Brian. Do you feel me, Brian? Do feel me inside of you?"

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Dont feel bad so is everyone else

That's probably the funniest one i've seen!!

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hellbilly205 17

I dont see what you did there...

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No now he is kidneyless lol... I'm sorry

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She may be heartless, but at least she has a kidney! Hahahaha

You saved her life, she ruined yours. Sorry man :(

49- How many threads do you comment in? I've counted 5, none of which were funny.

52 I will throw boiling macaroni on your balls the next time you talk back to me.

shadow33456 1

Your obviously trying to be funny and your not.

Does it really matter who's trying to be funny or not? Time out kiddies, you need to learn to play nicely together and respect everyone in their personal endeavors.

bfsd42 20

81, he was right. You are not funny and are actually very stupid and annoying. I wasn't gonna mention it but since you wanna act like an idiot.......

81- Congratulations you have effectively proven your point by adding "bitch" to the end of your statement. Bravo.

Leave ktateprado alone... LEAVE HIM ALONE :,(

hellbilly205 17

OP: Hey babe can i have my kidney back? Ex: Um no you cant. OP: Well then...

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OP ****** her brains out; ex girlfriend ****** him out of his gut.