By Anonymous - 22/09/2010 14:36 - United States

Today, a girl I work with was talking to me in an Eeyore voice. I'm not sure if it's because she's sad and pathetic, or if she thinks I'm sad and pathetic. FML
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Or maybe she was just trying to be funny? If not, either reevaluate your life and figure out if it's her or you. Or just talk to her and ask.

Perhaps it's both...


that sucks!

This fml is stupid. I would point out the flaws but I'm on my iPod so someone please do it for me.

You should talk back as Pooh bear

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lol this is funny:)

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wut if she just likes eeyore? gosh...

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always assume you're being insulted. always act like you're not.

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#34, what does that even accomplish?

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It's time for a bitch slap! :D


39, nothing. :)

LMFAO. this made my day.. also second? :)

Perhaps it's both...

Perhaps this is not a legitimate fml

Or maybe she was just trying to be funny? If not, either reevaluate your life and figure out if it's her or you. Or just talk to her and ask.

But if she really is sad and pathetic then asking her might tip the scales toward depressed and suicidal.

Though reevaluation is a good idea if OP is sad and pathetic, I'm not sure how this is an FML.

My first thought on this was maybe it amused her so I'm glad someone else considered that. I used to mimic Eeyore just because he sounds funny.

TheJaQ, I figured that too, however I'm sure the OP might be able to subtly get a few snippets that will allow her to give her an inkling, I wasn't meaning she directly ask.

hah I think it's you !!!!

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your wierd

this is not an FML. -_-

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Agreed. I hate the FML posts like this one!

Should have said "I'll stick your tail back on your ass ;)."

You are so cool.

What the hell is an 'Eeyore' voice?

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*Facepalm* Either I'm getting old at the ripe age of 23, or the generational gap is even bigger (and worse) than I thought.

I didn't know that either. Then again, I've never read or watched Winnie-the-Pooh...

It's a voice like Eeyore. Hence the term "Eeyore voice". Glad I could help!

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Either way, YouTube/Google are your friends.


If you've never read or seen Winnie the Pooh, or don't know what it is, for that matter, all I have to say here is... No. There are no words to describe your sad, sad little lives. ):

I'm not sure how reading Winnie the Pooh would show you how Eeyore sounds.

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#69, touche; I had not considered that.

YDI, for caring what some chick who talks like eeyore thinks of you. This is just silly. More working, less pathetic. +/-

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both of you are sad and pathetic..