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Today, I got a warning for not covering a shift, on my day off, for someone who didn't want to go to work. Apparently the next time I “do something wrong", I'll either get warned again or fired, whichever they feel like doing. FML
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  mariri9206  |  32

Ohio is an at-will state so, sure, OP could try to sue and take it to court, but, unless it's for a discriminatory reason that can be proved, it's highly possible nothing will come of it.

Sucks you have a bad boss, though, OP!


They can let you go at any time for any (or no) reason with no negative repercussions (for them, obviously you'll be the one without a job anymore ). In some states, especially on the East Coast, it works both ways: the employee can end the relationship as easily as the employer, the down side being it does effect their ability to get a new job in the way of references. The moral is until you're your own boss, you'll always have to shovel someone else's shit.

  lilchica22001  |  22

#16 you seriously need to reread the meaning of discrimination.
Not accepting a shift and getting fired for it is NOT discrimination.
Your boss saying, "I'm firing you because you are a woman/man, black/white, gay/straight" that is discrimination.
But it does suck that OPs boss is such a jackass. I'd definitely look for another job.

By  darkangel7410  |  17

sounds like you need to talk to higher management. Maybe sue them if they fire you. You are under no obligation to come in on a day off at all unless stated in a employment contract.


Sorry OP, I can imagine your frustration at the injustice; as a server, I was let go from an at will job for being in the local paper - not in a negative light- and they called the day of to cancel my shift with their justification that it was a distraction for my regulars. It might be a free ccountry but it certainly not fair!

By  redblips  |  13

That's total crap, majorly taking advantage of you and not punishing the lazy one who just didn't want to work. I wouldn't let it go easy, best of luck to you!

By  lexiieeex3  |  32

That absolutely does not sound like a place I would ever want to work. They can't force you to come in when they gave you off and then chastise you for not covering for someone like it's your sworn duty to do so and as if this job is more important than whatever you had to do that day. That's messed up.

By  sayno2mermaids  |  10

Maybe the co-worker told management that OP said they would cover them, and is an employee who management likes more or who has been there longer so they believe them. lame regardless, fyl

  meggieeeeee92  |  16

That's why my work requires both employees to confirm with the managers that they are switching or having a shift covered so the right person gets in trouble if they don't show up. They change it on the schedule and everything to make sure.


My job has a shift swap form that both parties have to sign and date. It helps remind everyone that the switch occurred and the boss knows who to reprimand if someone doesn't show

By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

Gotta love bosses who tell you that you have to do things, or else you get fired. I had one of those. She'd call people and leave voicemails saying we HAD to work certain times, because she was too lazy to find coverage for people.