By spanishsucks - 01/04/2012 03:01 - United States - Livingston

Today, I introduced my mother to my new girlfriend. My mom made a very nasty comment about her in Spanish, not realizing that my girlfriend teaches Spanish at the local school. FML
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Omigod hahahahaha! My Spanish source is a 4 foot tall Colombian, she's not very reliable. XD


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It's an exit? I don't get it..... Might explain the lack of thumbs up

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30 - I hope you were being sarcastic... 34 - Do you mean "feo"?

Yes, I meant to say ugly bug, but it was autocorrected. My apologies. :)

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No worries! :) Also, bug is "insecto". Animalitos are little animals, LOL.

Omigod hahahahaha! My Spanish source is a 4 foot tall Colombian, she's not very reliable. XD

Hmm, I wish I learned Spanish......

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I wish I knew Spanish so I could read these comments.. Oh duh google translate!

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Her comment was "su culo es muy pequeño".

How come the actual, natively spanish speaking people like myself are not mocking your hillarious attempts of speaking spanish?

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114- Because it's pretty damn funny watching them fail(:

Agreed 125, like why the **** is someone asking where the bathroom is at.. LOL

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You just said where is the bathroom

^ We've established that. Back to the FML.... ¿Por que tú no estas fluido en español? Tú mamá es un nativo, ¿no?

Wait, just re-read the FML. Lo ciento, guys. That was my bad.

Mi burro es rio grande dopres salchicha de grasa.... I take ASL x]

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114- la misma pregunta tenía yo. No los hemos molestado porque al menos el intento hacen, creo que es por eso. Otros son falta de interés.

Bonjour!!! Je ne comprends pas :( Lol

por que el queso es beuno. that's basically all the Spanish I know and that's after 2 semesters haha

and I'm pretty sure it means "because the cheese is good"

It does. It could also mean 'why is the cheese good?'

Porque with our the space is for 'because', with the space implies a question.

27 has a space in between Por and que, 88. Do you mean 'out'?

I'll just go ahead and thumbs down too while you're all at it.

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Adding the letter "o" or "a" to the end of an English word does not make it Spanish!

Atleast he's honest and knows he made a mistake.

Lol:) It's just a joke.. And a funny onee! If you can't see it for what it is, I pity-o the fool-o

It's actually-o not very funny-o Do you see the irony in what I did there? It's subtle

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#7 obviously made an Orbit gum commercial reference...

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That's awful. I'm sorry, OP.

Wow, thats ****** up. If she's going to insult then the least she can do is do it in the privacy of her own mind -_-

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I know someone who's getting an F on there report card

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You because you said "there" and not "their".

If you want to insult someone when they're right there, speak Zulu (Zulu is spoken in southern Africa [of course, it's not the only language spoken there]). Not many people speak it.