By CombatShadow45 - 25/11/2009 22:39 - United States

Today, I took my girlfriend of three years on a romantic picnic to the park, so I could propose to her. The moment was just right, I made my move. I knelt down on one knee and asked her. Her response was "you're kneeling in dog poop." I looked down. She was right. FML
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okkayy.. yeah.. that sucks.. but.. DID SHE SAY YES?? :D

What a (please forgive me) shitty situation!


If she said yeah, you should be busy doing everything but putting this unworthy fml on here

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Agreed 8 and 34 Still, it is pretty awful to kneel in shit at a particularly crucial moment such as that.

Why the **** does every FML start with "Today, my girlfriend of _____ years..." no1 gives 2 ***** about how many years youve been in a relationship. just get the damn FML part

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okkayy.. yeah.. that sucks.. but.. DID SHE SAY YES?? :D

It sucks, but it's probably a soft way to say no.

that's memorable. x) hope she said yes :)

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fyl if she said no. if she said yes, then why bother put this as an FML?

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ohhh thats pretty bad hope she said yes and all goes well for the future :p

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Wow, sorry. That sucks. Hopefully she says yes :)