By charlotte273 - 30/06/2010 09:39 - United Kingdom

Today, in an attempt to save money on waxing, I bought Veet hair removal cream. I also discovered it has the same effect on carpets. Now I have to pay for a replacement. So much for saving money. FML
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is anybody else kinda worried that people put something on their skin that can cause carpeting to disintegrate?

littlemissdqgirl 8

how did you manage to get it on the carpet?


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why would you do that over a carpet

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blah blah blah no one gives a SHIT

lelanatty 0

that is scary. I wouldn't want to use that stuff now 0.0

14-anger issues?

29- their name is "TROLLhunter" so... :P

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Which carpet are we talking about here...? d;

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14 plays WoW instead of GW or d2

Ydi.. I'm pretty sure that it says not to get the stuff on clothes or the carpet in the direction or warning label.. You should have read it first OP

YDI for not reading the directions before opening..

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Get a carpet muncher to trim your pubes. Some will do for little or no costs.

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You have to by a new vag?! good luck with that

Sounds like OP has shaky's okay, I don't have steady hands either.

i'm with 50 good luck with that... nah jk, but YDI for using it on ur carpet over the carpet....try the bathroom next time

I always thought people in uk never shaved

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then u r a retard sir or madam

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85 you have really pretty hair.

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in Soviet Russia, hair remove you!

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number 14 plays WoW it has nothing to do with trolls like annoying people or wateva

FAKE. human hair is no were near carpet fiber, plus it's not funny

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today, I posted an fml about how I ruined the carpet in my house with hair remover littledidi realize that it would sound like I was talking about my pubes. FML

37: you play GW? XD and OP YDI. it disolves away your hair, why not the carpet? it's just tiny fibers as well. sucks but still YDI for not reading the label and not having common sense.

littlemissdqgirl 8

how did you manage to get it on the carpet?

tlouise69 0

were you scooting your cooter across the carpet?

danipoo4u 0

it's a spray and it does go everywhere while you are tryin to spray it down on your legs. The stream is pretty big :/ but it works lol

How much did you use?? And what body part were you shaving, for it to drip down and get it on the carpet???

emmmilyyy 0

yeah why not use it in the shower like a normal person.

20: not always. I use/buy veet and I always get the cream. the sprays ARE too messy and they run out faster. try the creams

huh? i dont get it

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hahaha, good one #3

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so ur body hair is like a carpet , definate fyl

shorty in thick in all the right paces huh

lol...ur welcome. I guess

pretty sure you should do that in the shower, not over a carpet...

this fml makes me horny

this fml makes me horny

That's creepy

lol. reverse vice versa. (i think that's how you spell it.) ^_^

Hair removal cream freaks me out. I used some Nair the other day and it barely removed any hair and instead just stung like hell. Owww.

danipoo4u 0

maybe you are allergic :(

#23 Yep, I probably am. :( I even made sure not to leave it on too long, so that's the only explanation I can come up with...

danipoo4u 0

yeah my friend used the nair for sensitive skin and she said it was burning while it was on and I told her not to worry about it cause it burns a lil anyway.. When she took it off she had a bunch of dark red splotches on there! She was really effed up lol I felt pretty bad about it :(

some friend you are

11- Veet is a better hair removal than Nair trust me :) no pain no hair :)

#12 Really? I'll have to try it out, then...Hopefully it'll be less damaging. I had an allergic reaction to Nair or something...

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Omg u had a allergic reaction to nair, I had a allergic reaction also ,but to cinnamon :( .... I love cinnamon

very doesn't work!!

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lol. they are oh so simalar.

is anybody else kinda worried that people put something on their skin that can cause carpeting to disintegrate?

monnanon 13

no not really, it does disintergrate your hair so its not too worrying. I know what coca cola can do to pennies but it doesn't stop me drinking it. It does make you think a bit more about it tho lol.

yeah i didn't really mean "worried" as much as I meant that it makes you think