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  hhheeeyyyooo  |  0

37: you play GW? XD

and OP YDI. it disolves away your hair, why not the carpet? it's just tiny fibers as well. sucks but still YDI for not reading the label and not having common sense.

  danipoo4u  |  0

yeah my friend used the nair for sensitive skin and she said it was burning while it was on and I told her not to worry about it cause it burns a lil anyway.. When she took it off she had a bunch of dark red splotches on there! She was really effed up lol I felt pretty bad about it :(

  monnanon  |  13

no not really, it does disintergrate your hair so its not too worrying. I know what coca cola can do to pennies but it doesn't stop me drinking it. It does make you think a bit more about it tho lol.