By knickedleg - 22/05/2010 07:03 - France

Today, I was using Veet instead of shaving, so that the razor wouldn't cut up my legs. I cut myself with the plastic utensil that you're supposed to use to remove the Veet. FML
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your skin is paper. go see a doctor.


Use the Veet with the sponge, it's way easier plus it exfoliates your skin. But yes, fail :)

I'm glad I'm not first on this one :)

how can the utensil cut u? do u have like extremely sensitive skin?

Its plasitc so it must have been pretty sharp? Or she pushed way too hard and at the wrong angle

your skin is paper. go see a doctor.

Does she also have glass bones?

at night, does she lay awake in agony until her heart attacks put her to sleep?

haha, pretty sucks to be OP

Find a dude that's into hairy chicks and forget shaving/waxing/etc. You're such a klutz that if you tried to clean up your crotchetal region, people might think you're having a heavy period.

lol ydi for being blind/not reading instructions