By Anonymous - 28/11/2010 10:01 - United States

Today, after begging for over an hour, I had to pay my sister $20 to wax my back for me so my bra would stop painfully pulling at the hair I repulsively seem to be growing there. FML
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I can't really blame your sister for not wanting to wax your back hair...

As it's causing you pain you might want to think about permanent removal. Though it sucks she wasn't willing to do it as a favour, though I suppose it depends how much there was, if it was just a little patch then it shouldn't have bothered her so much. I can understand her being a little more disgusted if there was loads.


I bet that felt lovely.

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Probably feels better now than it did before.

wonder how it felt

#44, it felt lovely.

lovely... I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

you know in some countries, they actually eat vomit. I've never been there, but read about it. In a book!!

134- You're more worthless than a shit flavored lollypop!!

#135 2girls1cup DO NOT LOOK IT UP

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only 20 bucks... damn that not a bad dead on your part

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damn right thats gross!


I see why it took an hour of begging. I can't understand chewbacca either

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73 - You literally made me laugh out loud to the point where everyone around me is wondering what the hell is wrong with me. You definitely win.

73 epic win!

hahaha!! that was amazing!

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Wow I feel bad for your sister

She should have charged more

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How does OP deserve it? It's not like you can control the hair growth on your back?!

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That' SEXY!

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i'll have to agree with you

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It's time for laser hair removal op. That is just nasty.

I can't really blame your sister for not wanting to wax your back hair...

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I hope that never happens to me.

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it will. mwahahaha 


Sisters should do that for free. D: That's what you got family for, even though it's gross. :S

Good Job. That is one of the reasons this is an FML.