By Katie - 30/06/2010 23:36 - United States

Today, I was late to work because the metro broke down. Yesterday I was late to work because the train in front of me broke down. The week before that I was late to work because the swat team shut the entire metro station down. Even the interns think I'm making this up. FML
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if it happens again then just take a pic of u next to the broken down train or call ur boss and tell him/her y u r late and also take a pic of it


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at least you didn't break down

OP, FYL... I used to live in the DC metro area, all u have to do is wake up earlier, get ur lazy butt out of bed early and u should be on time even if something unexpected happens. another thing, if you know you're running late, give your boss a call, and tell him you're stuck!!!

well bear with them, would you believe it? I mean those scenarios are pretty unlikely to happen, let alone three days In a row

tell them to watch the news more often or read it

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tomorrow your going to be late to work because the metro kicked you off for being bad luck for them

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15 - Calm down! Someone forgot to take their chill pill today. :/ OP, fyl for having to leave at a bad time for the metros.

FYL Im ridiculously unlucky and have weird shit happen in my life pretty consistently to the point that some people think I'm lying

Why would the swat team shoot at you? Is your boss mad that they have a warrant for your arrest.

I'm an intern bitch that's an insult.

this is exactly what I was thinking @ #15!

you must not be from around the dc away. there's always something wrong with the Metro. it could be a broken down train, threat, electrical problems or since the accident last year emergancy training going on

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Buy a car? Take the bus? Carpool? Taxi?

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@57 and 58 what about bikes and motorcycles? Mopeds? Rickshaw? Boat on wheels? lol

how about ****** walk or bike and be ECO-FRIENDLY, BITCH

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you probably are making it up, don't blame them.

63: Don't talk about being eco friendly. Your name is boating_guy. Unless you use a rowboat, boats have engines. Engines are not eco friendly. Good day.

15: I found the second part your post to be unintentionally hilarious. I'd *looove* to see you try to get a signed statement from any DC-area Metro employee (especially about a raid/shutdown), let alone one who actually has any authority. And thinking a swat team busting a station qualifies as news is, well, adorable. Not only is DC a violent, metro-reliant area; the metro crosses under and through one of the biggest seats of power in the world. The authorities are pretty careful with threats and can overreact a bit. It wasn't reported cuz it ain't news, in other words. 63: The metro system in DC isn't like many other cities; it includes subway and traditional/Amtrak railway systems reaching what would be several hours' distance by car in many directions. It's not uncommon for commuters to ride into the district from outlying "bedroom" areas, then walk or bike the rest once they're in the city. The OP is likely commuting in the most eco-friendly way (s)he can.

DC Metro is always screwing up, just look at the devastating accidents that have taken place on the red line alone within the past year. Sometimes waking up early won't work especially when it comes to DC metro but alternatives might help.

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no this area is having a lit of problems with trains altogether.

barbxra: I visited DC for Spring Break, and my aunt, grandma and I relied on the Metro for getting to virtually everything. We didn't have a problem, but now that I'm seeing these comments, especially the Red Line one, I am soo thankful we had no issues. ChocolateEclair: your rickshaw reminds me of the Pedicab we took once in DC! I loved it :)

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My question is what the swat team was shutting the station down for.

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There has to be some sort of public transportation record that documents those things. At least you didn't get fired... this FML is lame.

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I thought your shoulder was a weird looking boob lol >_>

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I lived in DC for a summer I understand how rediculous it is lol.

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Wow, with luck like that, I think you need to start leaving for work a couple hours early everyday haha

Trust me, she could easily do that already. It's taken me 5 hours to drive 40 miles toward the District.

maybe you should take an alternative form of transport for a few days...

Except, with her luck the SWAT would shut down the road/sidewalk she was on.

Cool story.. so whats the problem? you still have your job. definitely not an fml..