By WhyM3Th0ugh - United States - Sunnyside
Today, one of my idiot classmates decided it was a good idea to throw his water bottle across the room to his friend. Unfortunately, I was sitting in front of his friend. I now have a very noticeable bruise and bump near my temple along with a headache. Everybody laughed at me. Even the teacher. FML
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By  PharmacyJoe  |  13

Water you upset about OP? Your classmate was just having a good time. You shouldn't keep that anger bottled up for too much longer! Have some class and let it go!

Hope you feel better soon.

  PharmacyJoe  |  13

As long as you still socialize! I know a fair amount of people that were homeschooled and now hardly function in society. :c Homeschooling can be great so long as you still get out and have human interaction. :)

By  nzhx  |  23

I'm sorry, OP. It's never fun being in a situation like that, and it's awful that your teacher laughed along. I hope you feel better soon and your bruise heals up!