Not this again

By Kurochrome - 18/07/2011 05:09 - United States

Today, after spending over $1000 on plane tickets, I'm visiting my family for the first time in five years. Two hours after I arrived, everyone is screaming at each other and taking their rage out on me. They still ask why I never visit. FML
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Tell them that's why you never visited. Because you just love all the screaming and rage.


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You probably belong OP, if your complaining over $1000 to visit your family after 5 years... smh

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Why visit them? You should be glad they live so far away!

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16, I could not agree more.

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i feel bad for OP. thats alot of money to go and argue the whole time

That's what alot of families do though. If you have a family that fights over the holidays every year when you're growing up, you should know before you get there that it's going to happen. My family is one that would do the same thing. Maybe you had the right idea moving far away lol.

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no fun^ ain't like he couldn't have googled ydi

57 iz a noob. today, I went on a public site and asked a question in the comments I could have easily figured out myself but I like attention, FML ydi

57, i once had the same question but instead of asking it in the comments I used the magical thing called the Internet. Next time try that first ok? Bye

73- he is doing that too. this is on the Internet............ SPECIFY

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sounds like my fam. my older brother only comes to visit every like 6 years. :/

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mine is quiet dysfunctional as well... i love em just the same tho, just from 3 states away

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I wish my family that could put the "fun" in dysfunctional...they couldn't b anymore ordinary...

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Thank You! My family does the SAME thing! And still wonder why I live hundreds of miles away and only visit rarely. I love them, but how do they stand it? I don't allow any friends that disfunctional in my environment anymore. Ah, family....

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ahhahaa I read that in his voice ! ahha

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ahhahaa I read that in his voice ! ahha

oh haaay brucey Bruce! peters got a moustache! I knooow!

59- there's no other way to read it!! haha

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My mom's spending $4,000 on a trip and she found out only 1 of her 3 kids can go. Life can suck hard.

Tell them that's why you never visited. Because you just love all the screaming and rage.

well as bad as that sounds I underhand where they're coming from no family is perfect, live yours they're all you got and one day they'll be gone.

sounds like you knew this could and likely would have happened already... ydi

Maybe you just have to be straight with them that you don't like being treated that way?

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tht sucks op just tell them 2 stop fighting or you'll go in s hotel

ydi for putting 1000$ instead of $1000